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Success is a journey, not a destination.

Our Success Stories

As Makronet Information Technologies, we have successfully completed many projects related to Microsoft cloud products. These projects were evaluated as success stories by Microsoft. Starting from 2014, we have won the award of Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year for 4 times.

Country Partner of the Year, Best Managed Services Partner, Worldwide SAM Partner of the Year, 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year: Modern Work Place for SMB. We have crowned our achievements with 8 local and 3 global awards by Microsoft.

As one of the most successful Microsoft business partners in Turkey, our goal is to bring our success to the international level and to continue our success together with you, our customers.

Our Microsoft SMB Workshop Success Story is Published!

Our Success Stories with MyAdmin

Microsoft SMB Workshop Success Story

We managed to become a globally featured and exemplary Microsoft business partner within the scope of the MyAdmin workshops we conducted. 

Licensing cost reduced by 12% with MyAdmin!

Thanks to MyAdmin, Sinpas achieved 12% cost optimization by returning unused licenses within seconds.

Security vulnerabilities have been prevented with MyAdmin!

Thanks to MyAdmin, they were able to manage their Microsoft 365 and Azure subscriptions very easily.

Our Success Stories with Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Reduced server services costs by 70%!

Moving its e-mail system to the Microsoft cloud platform with Office 365, Koska completed the transition process in a short time like one day without any data loss.

Increased its profitability with Office 365 !

Beyaz Firin, one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to bakery and pastry art. They found a solution to both the lack of capacity and the synchronization problem of devices receiving e-mails with Office 365.

They saved 70% on costs with the transition to the cloud!

Thanks to Exchange Online that comes with Office 365, Dardanel carried all its scattered structure on a single panel, and thus, implemented an e-mail platform that can be managed quickly and easily.


"It optimized the time-cost balance, which is the most precious thing for us, with further active use of the corporate communication devices in the company."

Ertan Yıldızdal - IT Manager, Dardanel

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