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Dardanel achieved 70% profitability in costs by optimizing the time-cost balance in the transition to the cloud thanks to its mobility and corporate communication project with Microsoft 365.

Thanks to Exchange Online that comes with Office 365, all of Dardanel's dispersed structure has been moved to a single panel, and an e-mail platform that can be managed quickly and easily has been created.

Moving to the Cloud Provides a Competitive Advantage

Ertan Yıldızdal, Dardanel's IT Manager, explains the decision process:
"The biggest factor in our decision to take the services over the cloud was that the services would be provided by a reliable provider like Microsoft, whose technology we already use. When we researched, we learned that the provider that invests the most in cloud technologies is Microsoft. When we look at Microsoft's 99.9% SLA-assured uptime guarantee and reliable technological infrastructure with Office 365, we realized that it is very difficult and very costly to provide these opportunities within our own structure. Office 365, which is a flexible and adaptable system, provided us with the appropriate infrastructure and technology we wanted, and also became a solution platform that is open to development for our growing company.


As a result of our research on the Internet about Microsoft Office 365, we found Makronet Information Technologies. We learned that Makronet is one of Microsoft's most competent business partners in cloud technologies, and we advanced the whole process together. Makronet invited us to Microsoft's Technology Experience Center. We had the opportunity to experience the products that came with Office 365. We also used the trial version of Office 365 and had the chance to do a lot of testing with Makronet before the transition."


Dardanel, which was founded in 1984 in Canakkale, has brought tuna fish to the tables in the most practical way for the last 30 years with the mission of making Turkey love fish. Fish are chosen amongst the most delicious and healthy tuna fish that are found in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans. Dardanel loves fish and also respects the environment and nature it comes from. All the catcher vessels are required to have "dolphin Safe" and "Friend of the Sea" certificates that indicate compliance with international ethic hunting standards. Because Dardanel has made sustainability a corporate culture. It presents the fish provided in the right conditions without adding any preservatives. It continues to develop innovative products appropriate to different tastes and needs of the customers by keeping its portfolio dynamic. This way, Dardanel has become the fish expert in Turkey with the love and trust of the consumers. 

The Makronet Team First Made Detections

Dardanel, which has many brand and domain names, used e-mail service on all domain names. Until now, multiple domains were able to forward the name over a dispersed e-mail platform. There was no central control structure over e-mails. First of all, it was desired to move all domain names and e-mail services running on these domains to a single point and to be managed from there. Due to the scattered structure of the e-mails, a different e-mail solution was used both on the "Hosted Exchange" and on the local network. These platforms were managed separately, and different solutions were used for maintenance and backup processes.

Due to the technological process that developed especially about the e-mails, solutions that would respond to mobility were needed. "Hassle-Free Mobility" was one of the most important needs. In addition to high-capacity and fast e-mail, there was also a need for audio and video conferencing and instant messaging solutions for corporate communication.

During the decision process, many alternative solutions were evaluated. One of them was to configure the Microsoft Exchange server with Dardanel's own structure. As a result of the research, considering the server installation, license, and maintenance costs with Microsoft Office 365, it was seen that it is more convenient to get this service over the cloud.

And the Transition Occured!

After the necessary preparations, the transition was carried out at the end of a week. Makronet completed the necessary configuration on Office 365 and moved all the data from our old servers to Exchange Online. New accounts have been defined for users. The transition was healthy and smooth.

Exchange Online Plan 1 is used for e-mail solution. Some users had video and audio conferencing needs with both email and instant messaging. For these users, Office 365 Enterprise E1 package was preferred and both Exchange Online as well as Lync Online product has been used together.

Also in this package SharePoint and OneDrive products are also actively used. For some users, the E3 package was preferred. Thus, the advantage of unlimited archiving on the e-mail side and always using the up-to-date Office version.

Up to 70% Profitability in Investment Costs

One of the most important benefits Dardanel has achieved after the Office 365 transition was that the emails are synchronous and accessible from anywhere. Thus, there is no need to deal with the same e-mails being sent to different devices. In addition, thanks to the 50GB mailbox size that comes with Exchange Online, employees can access all their e-mails from anywhere without restricting their e-mail.  Apart from this, Lync Online and OneDrive products, which were started to be used, accelerated and improved corporate communication. For example, in the communication between the Istanbul office and the factory in Canakkale, audio and video meetings can be held via Lync Online, and many participants can join these meetings via their mobile devices and tablets.

With the increase in corporate communication, internal dynamism has increased. In addition, communication costs have decreased. When the hardware, license, maintenance, backup, disaster scenario, Internet, and server room investment costs of Dardanel's in-house Exchange server are calculated, all services are under Microsoft guarantee with a profitability of up to 70% by using Exchange Online.


They wanted to move all the field names and the e-mail services working on these names to a single point and manage them all from there. Apart from the high capacity and fast e-mail for one of the most important business need for 
"Seamless Mobility", they also needed audio and video conference and instant messaging for the corporate communication. 


Thanks to Exchange Online that comes with Office 365, all this messy structure was moved to a single panel and this way a fast and easily managed e-mail platform was put into work. All the services were secured by Microsoft with up to 70%profitability by using Exchange Online.

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