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Our Services | SAM Consultancy

We are Turkey's first and only business partner with competence in the Microsoft SAM Managed Service Program, which is carried out only in the global channel.

Microsoft SAM Managed Utility Solution

SAM4UP is a service program solution developed by Makronet for the Microsoft Software Asset Management process in ISO standards. Makronet is the first and only in Turkey with this solution to be entitled to a business partner with the competence of SAM Managed Utility. With SAM4UP, you can determine a better business strategy, gain software and license optimization insights, and add value to your company. SAM4UP offers lifelong strategic consulting such as ongoing End-of-Life products and Cyber Security. It is also an ongoing SAM Optimization Model consultancy service. It gives you a complete view of the infrastructures to make real-time IT decisions throughout the entire software and associated asset lifecycle management.


Advantages of SAM4UP Solution


MyAdmin Self-service Portal

With the self-service CSP solution management portal MyAdmin, we provide your cloud licensing operations by increasing your security with automatic "Secure Score" evaluation from the control panel of SAM4UP.


End-of-life Product Guidance

We provide detailed reports on current, developed, and end-of-life products, as well as providing guidance for version updates or cloud migrations.


Strategic Consulting

We guide you through Cloud Efficiency, Cyber Security, Server Infrastructure Optimization, defining End-of-life products, and what you need to do to migrate to the most up-to-date products.


Getting to Know Your Current Environment

We analyze your existing environment with our licensing expertise to meet the needs of your company. With Movere, one of the IT management tools, we offer you tailor-made solutions that increase business intelligence in your company.


SAM Optimization Model

We provide the necessary optimization within the framework of SAM procedures, take you to a higher level, and offer a model for your company's license management needs.


Special Benefits

Thanks to the detailed inventory analysis we perform within the scope of SAM Managed, we provide real-time tracking and management opportunities for both your licenses and your IT inventory.

Contact us for more information about SAM Managed from here.

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