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Galata Transport has prevented security vulnerabilities with MyAdmin. They both improved their Microsoft security score, and also made deals fully digital.

Thanks to MyAdmin, Galata Transport can easily manage the Microsoft 365 and Azure subscriptions they use, while at the same time, they can experience new products and services closely through workshops.


Galata Transportation, a 25-year international transportation and logistics company, takes its digital transformation processes one step further with MyAdmin. Thanks to MyAdmin, they can easily manage their Microsoft 365 and Azure subscriptions, while at the same time, they can experience new products and services closely through Microsoft workshops. They perform important actions through MyAdmin in order to improve the Microsoft Security Score and increase corporate cybersecurity awareness.

Security vulnerabilities have been prevented.

Murat Kurtun, Galata Transportation Information Systems Manager, answered the questions of our Marketing Manager Mert Tüfekçioğlu in our Microsoft Teams interview. Galata Transport, which has been actively using cloud technologies for many years, he stated that they did not know before how effectively they used the services of Microsoft 365 and Azure“There is a massive product pool owned by Microsoft. Although we asked ourselves whether we were using the right package, we were sometimes not sure that we had adapted to our existing services correctly.” Kurtun expressed the importance they attach to security with the following words: “Especially the security is very important to us. This year, we will make investments to improve the security of our environment. As a company operating in the international transportation sector, we also need to work seriously on compliance with international regulations.”

MyAdmin Interview with Galata Transport

Full compliance with the regulations.

Thanks to the Adaptation Center, MyAdmin users can examine and participate in the workshops offered by Microsoft and view the outputs of this whole process with all their transparency. Murat Kurtun stated that thanks to the Adaptation Center, they have experienced Microsoft products and services closely and they have also fulfilled their regulatory compliance as the outputs of this workshop.

Kurtün stated that thanks to Cloud Win, they switched to higher packages containing stronger security services with the “Upgrade and Win” campaign and that they aimed to close the cyber security gaps in this way. “We used some of the money points we earned by switching to the upper package as a discount on the bill. We budgeted some of it to buy new products. And of course, cooperation with non-governmental organizations, which is one of the most heartwarming aspects of MyAdmin. We donated some of it here. It was a productive and enjoyable process for everyone in every sense.” he emphasized that MyAdmin is much more than a digital platform.

Microsoft Secure Score has been improved and deals are fully digital.

Thanks to Galata Transportation's Adaptation Center, they participated in workshops and benefited from trainings, earned money points by participating in campaigns, and used these money points as invoice discounts, new package budgeting, or donations, and they also developed a great interest towards the Security Center.

Kurtun, who can easily follow the process of Microsoft Secure Score thanks to the Security Center added that he finds the gamification of this process very enjoyable: “Being able to monitor and improve our Microsoft Secure Score, increase and strengthen our cybersecurity awareness and stance, and gamify this process really encourages us to enjoy our work. In fact, we realized the Secure Score improvements that we had overlooked through gamifications.”

Finally, it is an extremely critical operation for both companies to closely follow the agreements updated by Microsoft. Kurtun stated that he is pleased that MCA agreements are fully digital. “Thanks to MyAdmin, we can follow these agreements, our agreements with both Microsoft and Makronet digitally. This is so important for us. As a result, we are able to give these contracts and their contents to the management much more easily.” He also drew attention to the MCA compatibility of the platform.

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