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By migrating to the Cloud with its Office 365 productivity solution, Koska reduced its Server Services Costs by 70% and gained a competitive advantage. 

KOSKA, which moved its e-mail system to the Microsoft cloud platform with Office 365, completed the transition process in a short time like one day without any data loss. 


KOSKA, which started its sweet journey with a small shop in Denizli in the early 1900s, continues to produce halva, tahini, molasses, jam, Turkish delight, and traditional Turkish desserts in its modern facilities in Istanbul Avcılar, with its state-of-the-art equipment.

Before KOSKA moved to the cloud with Office 365, they had problems with their e-mail services due to insufficient capacity and could not achieve the desired efficiency in business processes due to the lack of synchronization of the computers, tablets, and mobile devices used. In addition, receiving a large number of e-mails containing dangerous software created problems regarding customer correspondence, and the company had to make periodic backups to prevent data loss. The need to constantly seek professional help for the backup processes and the management of the inter-branch e-mail system both created extra costs and reduced productivity by hindering quality time management.

Costs Decreased

By switching to Office 365, KOSKA both prevented the loss of efficiency caused by these problems, and also saved on cost items such as server cost, license cost, firewall, and active devices. Emin Dindar, a Member of the Board of Directors, explains the cost savings of Office 365

"With the monthly payment plan offered by Office 365, we have divided our costs into months. We have completely avoided the costs such as fiber line rental, backup services, and maintenance services that we have always paid in the past. Moreover, the amount we pay to Office 365 for the entire e-mail system provides the same service in its own way. It's less than half of the internet line we need to rent to provide it within our organization. As Koska, we liked the pay-as-you-use model of Office 365 very much." 

Secure Data Access from Anywhere and Any Device

KOSKA employees can access company data from their mobile phones, tablets and anywhere with internet access, in the most secure way, thanks to Office 365. Moreover, Office 365 also responds to the company's data security needs. For example, if the computer of an employee from the field team breaks down or is stolen, the employee can access their information from anywhere with internet, while the IT team can easily delete the information on the stolen device.

In addition, the fact that all past e-mails can be accessed via Exchange Online from any place, the  e-mail, telephone, and correspondence traffic of KOSKA employees is reduced and it enabled them to use their time more efficiently.

Fast and Easy Transition Process

One of the most important benefits of moving to the cloud with Office 365 for the continuity of business processes is the easy and fast installation process thanks to the Exchange Online service. Thanks to the expert team of Makronet Information Technologies on cloud technologies, KOSKA carried out the transition process in a lossless and professional way, and moved to Office in the cloud in a short time like 1 day without any data loss.

Anti-Malware Protection

Thanks to the advanced virus scanning service that comes with Office 365, e-mails arrive in the mailbox free of viruses. Thanks to this feature, KOSKA's previous disruptions in customer correspondence were eliminated, and thus, security hazards caused by user error were minimized.

Moving to the Cloud Provides a Competitive Advantage

As a company that pays attention to new technology investments, KOSKA also attaches great importance to cloud technologies. In addition to moving the e-mail system to the cloud with Office 365, it also configured its e-commerce site on Microsoft's cloud platform Windows Azure. In this way, it managed to stay up-to-date with the cloud technologies offered by Microsoft.


They were facing problems regarding insufficient e-mail capacity and syncing devices with one another. They needed constant backups to avoid data loss and seeked professional help to manage their e-mail system.


They migrated to the cloud with Office 365 and moved the e-mail service they used as POP to the Exchange Online service on Office 365 with Makronet. They completed the transition process in a short time like one day without any data loss.

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