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Turkey's No. 1
Microsoft Cloud Solutions Platform


Purchase, Learn, Manage, Stay Secure, Improve, Optimize, and Get Support


The doors of digital transformation are opening for you!

Makronet opens the doors of digital transformation for you with MyAdmin, a self-service license management solution! MyAdmin is a portal offering Microsoft cloud services, security, licensing, and solution management.

Thanks to MyAdmin, which led us to win the award “Country Partner of the Year” by Microsoft Global, you no longer need any other third-party companies or people! You can execute all of your Microsoft 365 licensing, cost/region, and billing processes via a single channel.

Experience now Turkey’s only Microsoft Cloud Solutions Platform MyAdmin‘s new version that is provided to Makronet customers merely where you can manage all of your Microsoft 365 and Azure-related licenses, bills, educational and technic processes; achieve cost optimization, and earn Reward Points by doing them!

Why should you choose MyAdmin?

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MyAdmin - Türkiye'nin #1 Numaralı Microsoft Bulut Çözümleri Platformu

MyAdmin - Türkiye'nin #1 Numaralı Microsoft Bulut Çözümleri Platformu

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MyAdmin Features

Office Management

With this panel where you can manage your Microsoft 365 licenses and Office subscriptions, you can add new licenses, check and remove unused licenses, and track the renewal dates of your products on a monthly/yearly basis!

Office Cost Center

With the Cost Analysis screen, you can divide your Microsoft 365 and Azure costs into regions. You can also group the licenses you own and examine your specific costs for these groups in detail.

Azure Management

Thanks to the MyAdmin Azure Management screen, you can review your Azure consumption history, track the cost of your services in detail, and easily manage the analysis of your Azure invoices.

Earn with Cloud

As long as you keep your Microsoft 365 and Azure subscriptions, you can earn money points, you can collect additional money points by inviting your friends to MyAdmin, you can convert all your earned money points into gift vouchers from MyAdmin contracted businesses or use them as invoice discounts. 

Invoice Management

Thanks to the MyAdmin Invoice Management screen, you can examine your Microsoft 365 and Azure invoices in detail and take control over your invoices completely.


Thanks to MyAdmin, Turkey's #1 Microsoft Cloud Solutions Platform, you can start using Microsoft cloud services more efficiently with workshops and trainings. You can participate in workshops specific to your company and benefit from extensive training opportunities.

11 Benefits of MyAdmin for Your Business


You can manage your licenses instantly.


You can analyze your Azure consumptions in detail.


You can provide trainings for your team with academy regularly about products and updates.


You can get technical support about products and analyze databank.


You can earn rewards points as you use and spend them.


You can provide periodic analysis with security bots.


You can buy and discover Microsoft solutions according to your needs.


You can achieve cost optimization by returning products you do not use automatically.


You can manage your bills and pay with your credit card.


You can manage licenses that belong to different organizations from a single panel.


You can divide your bills by grouping your usage according to different segments.

Contact us for more information about MyAdmin.from here contact me.

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