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Complete your FastTrack Journey with Makronet securely by switching to Microsoft cloud services.

FastTrack is a successful service that provides a smooth and reliable transition to Microsoft cloud services. If you have Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscriptions, you can use FastTrack during your subscription at no additional cost.

Start Exploring FastTrack Service Quickly



We create a Success Plan that fits your business, with access to resources, tools, and best practices to plan a successful cloud deployment.


Fast communication

You can access best practices for deployment planning and contact FastTrack engineers at no additional cost.



For a smooth onboarding and transition process by evaluating your technical environment you can get personal assistance from our FastTrack engineers.


Get Experience

You can get end-to-end guidance provided by Microsoft engineers and get the most out of Microsoft products.


Increase Value

As Makronet, we offer you the best Solution Plan by making use of all the resources and guidance you can access with FastTrack.


Success story

Working with the FastTrack team, you can initiate the cloud migration, prepare your environment, and create your success story by obtaining a project plan.

with Makronet;

Microsoft Support


Experienced Team

Adding Value to Your Company

with Microsoft;

Safe Passage

Successful Deployment

Access to the Best Resource

Quick Commissioning

Featured FastTrack Services

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