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Our Services| Microsoft License Consulting

With our Microsoft License Consultancy, we are with you to complete your company's software asset management, security, and licensing needs!

As Makronet, we offer end-to-end solutions for all your company's consultancy needs.

With the technical consultancy services provided by our expert technical team, we also provide Microsoft License Consulting service. Within the scope of licensing consultancy, we review your infrastructure by taking the software asset inventory of your company and analyzing your security situation. Then, we determine your needs and inform you about our new-generation solutions.

SAM Software Inventory Management Consultancy

Software Inventory Management, SAM is a detailed analysis of your company's license purchasing requirements and meeting these needs in the most appropriate way for your company. With our SAM Consulting service, you can optimize your software and resources by automating your IT processes. With a comprehensive and regular licensing system, you can learn what assets your company owns and run your business faster, smoothly, and reliably. With our SAM consultancy service, you can control your software and benefit from cost and savings advantages. We manage your assets by organizing all your licenses within the scope of Microsoft SAM inventory studies, and creating standards and policies at all stages of the software lifecycle. In addition, we always keep your software assets up-to-date with annual checks.

Security Evaluation Consultancy

Security Evaluation Consultancy, Security Assesment is a free service that offers suggestions to your company to strengthen the existing security system through reports obtained by end-to-end examination and analysis of the security infrastructure of your company. We reveal all the security needs of your company thanks to the Security Assesment, which we will perform on-site or remotely in line with your request. Thus, at the end of this study, you strengthen your security measures.

In order for you to benefit from the free Security Assesment opportunity, your company must be in the Corp Account (CA) segment in terms of the number of employees, and your company must already use Microsoft 365. With Office 365 ATP, Azure Active Directory Identity Protection, and Cloud App Security services, we analyze the basic security requirements of your IT environment. At the end of approximately 3 weeks of scanning, we receive a report from each security service used throughout the analysis. How many of the e-mails containing malicious software have passed through your firewall, which actions you take will provide more protection; we report the security analyzes of the users and the abnormal situations made by the users, and we share them with you by adding our recommendations and suggestions with the presentation we have prepared specifically for your company.

Solution Evaluation Consultancy

Solution Evaluation Consultancy, Solution Assesment is a detailed scan of your company's entire infrastructure from the beginning to the end and presenting optimization suggestions, in other words, infrastructure work. Within the scope of this consultancy, first of all, a general infrastructure examination is carried out in your company, and all the resources you have are evaluated and the size of your IT asset is calculated. For your company, a scan of approximately 3-4 weeks is carried out by means of special tools. As a result of this scanning, infrastructure valuation is seen and a detailed report is prepared with technical outputs. In this report, scenarios of transition of your existing system to new generation solutions and cost advantages are studied. It will be very productive, especially for businesses that want to make changes in their current system and are considering coming to new generation solutions, and will enable them to see the big picture.

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