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Our Services| Microsoft Cloud Consultancy

Take your place in digital transformation with our managed cloud platforms, Microsoft cloud products sales, and consultancy services.

We Manage All Your Transition Processes For You

We determine the most suitable products and services for your company, calculate your costs and budget for your company, and seek your approval. Together with our after-sales support team, we also provide services such as management-configuration. Thus, we determine the most suitable licensing model for your company and make your transition to cloud products. Finally, we periodically audit your compliance and use of cloud products and provide necessary training to consolidate your knowledge.

Live Cloud Experience

In line with your company's needs, we visit you together with a Microsoft Turkey representative. Also, upon your request, we host you at the Technology Experience Center within Microsoft Turkey and offer you a live cloud experience.  We carry out the necessary care and work with our most competent team in order to eliminate all the question marks in your mind.

End-to-End Azure Consulting Service

We act with the awareness that the Microsoft Azure platform, Microsoft's cloud solution, is a sea of ​​more than 100 tools from end to end, and we determine your roadmap according to you. With detailed problem analysis and accurate analysis, we determine which of the tools are most suitable for your company and for you. We manage the necessary adaptation process and prepare your environment for healthy cooperation.

The most important issue in our Azure Consulting service is, of course, the security of the data. In this way, we prepare you for disaster recovery scenarios with Azure Site Recovery. We offer you an end-to-end consultancy service with our competent technical team that provides Azure panel support with Server Addition and Shutdown, Scheduling, Authorization, Network Access, and much more.

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