Our Services

Makronet builds the most suitable services and modern working methods for you. In addition to Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Cloud Solutions, we offer you Software Asset Management consulting and General Data Protection Regulation security services to meet your company’s needs.

Microsoft Cloud Consultancy

Makronet creates professional solutions for your company with sales, after - sales support and consulting services for all Microsoft Cloud Products such as Microsoft Office 365, Azure.

Microsoft SAM Consultancy

Software Asset Management (SAM) optimizes your existing assets. With our SAM consultancy service, you can benefit from cost savings resulting from a good SAM plan.

GDPR & Security Services

With Microsoft's reliable cloud infrastructure, we help you to meet your General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance goals, protecting your privacy from a single system.

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Our Solutions

In addition to our other services such as Microsoft Office 365, Azure and SAM Consulting. We provide safe cloud infrastructure, licensing and management for your company with our Microsoft Cloud Solutions like MyAdmin, Logo on Azure and SAM4UP.


MyAdmin is a self-service Microsoft CSP license management solution portal. With license management you can add, remove, purchase or refund a daily license. By region management, users and licenses can be separated by zones, you can create approval mechanism by defining spending limit.
From a single screen, you can create users, assign licenses, and instantly perform distribution group features. Also, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 costs can be monitored daily with detailed dashboards, and e-invoices can be downloaded. Finally, with the Office 365 Secure Score and GDPR tests, you can map your GDPR roadmap and analyze the solutions you need during the compliance process.


Logo Tiger Wings

It is a secure, backed up, fast and all-around accessible cloud platform for your Logo. Logo on Azure provides you with a secure, all-inclusive Logo application infrastructure for your Logo software, tested, continuous-running, managed and maintained on an ongoing basis. Logo on Azure is a platform that is based on Microsoft Azure platform, developed by Microsoft’s authorized partner in cloud technologies, Makronet. With this solution, you can set the date and time you want to turn on or off the server via portal, and you can reduce costs up to 60% by turning off resources out of office hours. You can back up your data to 3 different points a day, so you do not need to think about losing your data.


SAM4UP is Microsoft software asset management process solution. This solution increases awareness of your acquisition requirements for your company and improves your relationship with software vendors to meet those requirements. Also, with our licensing consultants, you can determine the most appropriate licensing model for your company and reduce your costs. With this solution and its Dashboard, you can monitor and report your hardware and software inventory. Once a year before official Microsoft SAM auditing, you can check your licenses and also identify unused software. Moreover, it is easy to get Microsoft SAM certificate with our SAM4UP solution. Start to experience our software asset management solution now.