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Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

Makronet Sıkça Sorulan Sorular sayfamızda, sizlerden en çok gelen soruları topladık. Microsoft abonelik servislerinden teknik desteğe, finansal ve satış işlemlerine kadar pek çok konu hakkında bilgi sahibi olabilirsiniz. Merak ettiğiniz konular hakkında daha detaylı bilgi için İletişim sayfamızdan formumuzu doldurabilir veya bizleri arayarak iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

  • How can I access Office365 Portal?
    By typing ““ or ““ to your web page, you can reach Office 365 Portal. After clicking on “Admin”, you will be reaching your admin portal.
  • How can I change my Office 365 account password?
    Office 365 users can change their passwords. After logging into your Office 365 Portal, click on the settings icon and reset your password. The password you are going to choose must be compatible with the rules and policies set by Office 365.
  • How can I change the Office365 display language?
    Click on the settings icon after reaching your user account on Office 365. You can choose any language you would like to change into among the options under “Language and Time Zone” settings.
  • How can I download Office apps to my computer?
    Office versions might be different in Office 365 memberships in accordance with license type. You must log in to Office 365 Portal in order to download the applications assigned on you. After, you can download your documents that are customized according to your language selections under “Download Office Application” menu located at the right top of online services on dashboard. If you want to download with other language, you can download 32 or 64 bit sized documents with “Other Downloading Options” compatible with your language and software system.
  • How can I reach Office 365 admin panel?
    By typing ““ or ““ to your web page, you can reach Office 365 Portal. After clicking on “Admin”, you will be reaching your admin portal.
  • How can I see the current situation of memberships and licenses?
    Go to “Licenses” under “Billing” category located at the left of the Office 365 Admin panel. You will be able to see the licenses with quantities assigned on you in the list opening at the right side of panel. By choosing license type, you can see people who are assigned with which license type.
  • How can I learn user addresses and licenses? (User list export)
    Go to the “Active Users” under “Users” category located at the left of Office 365 Admin panel. Then, you can export a document in which you can gather and manage information regarding user accounts with “Export Users” option.
  • What is Office 365?
    It is a cloud platform provided by Microsoft where you can manage your documents and e-mails anywhere and anytime. For detailed information:
  • How SQL Server licensing is made?
    Core Based Licensing: Licensing based on per physical core. It differentiates from physical and virtual SQL Servers. There is no user limit for server access in despite of Server + CAL licensing model. Server + CAL Licensing: It is a model allowing you to license of SQL Server software per server and user. Client Access License (CAL) is a licensing model when users or devices use in order to access SQL Server. CAL licensing separates into Device CAL and User CAL.
    An agreement that allows you to obtain the legal right to use your existing computer (not licensed). It cannot be moved to a different computer. They can be used on computers where they are first enabled.
  • What is an OEM license?
    It is a license given to computer producers in order them to install into the new computers. OEM license belongs to the computer in which it is installed. The license must be taken every time when a computer is bought. Also, it cannot be transferred to another computer. The life span of the license is the same with the span of the computer.
  • What is Open License?
    It is suitable for companies having 2 or more machines to be licensed. It can be done at the minimum of 5 licenses. Open License is unique to the firm and it can be installed to another machine that is belong to the firm. When it is bought, the firm has a right to use lower version of the license.
  • What is Windows Server Core Licensing?
    Windows Server 2016 and 2019: Per-Core licensing. Microsoft has transformed its physical licensing into core-based licensing due to reason that producers increasing core amount in a single socket rather than processor amount. Windows Server 1 licenses only 2 physical cores in a single server. You can get 8 licenses at most. All active cores must be licensed in the physical server.
  • Can I pay bills issued USD with TRY?
    Yes, the payment of invoices issued with USD can be paid with TRY at the exchange rate of TCMB on the date of payment.
  • Where should I send the reconciliations?
    You can send e-mail to address for all your reconciliation requests.
  • Which exchange rate do you take your currency invoices?
    On currency invoices, we are working based on TCMB exchange rates.
  • May I know your Bank Information?
    Garanti TL – IBAN No: TR44 0006 2000 3910 0006 2997 73 Guarantee USD – IBAN No: TR25 0006 2000 3910 0009 0992 44 Is Bank TL – IBAN No: TR17 0006 4000 0011 2990 4308 42 Is Bank USD – IBAN No: TR04 0006 4000 0021 2990 3773 33
  • What are my license payment options?
    You can use bank transfer, EFT and credit card payment options.
  • Is there any commission deduction when paying by credit card?
    Yes, the credit card interest commission rates are applied based on bank card information.
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