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Noventiq (formerly knows as Softline) and Makronet Acquisition Announcement

To our valuable customers and public attention, We are very excited to announce that Makronet, which has been serving in the information technology sector since 2000 and one of the largest Microsoft Cloud Service Provider business partners in Turkey, has been acquired by Noventiq, a global solution and service provider in the fields of digital transformation and cyber security!

Makronet ve Noventiq

Noventiq, which entered the Turkish market 15 years ago with great goals for rapid growth, aims to improve its experience in this market with the acquisition of Makronet. Noventiq Turkey office, which started its operations in 2008, aims to take the traditional solution partnership understanding one step further, thanks to its international knowledge and experience gained in many different geographies and wide range of services under the management of General Manager Erdal İpek. Noventiq Turke works with hundreds of expert IT service providers in addition to being a high-level business partner of many IT giants operating in Turkey such as Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Cisco, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Palo Alto, Vmware and more. Noventiq Turkey is also helps companies operating in different sectors and wanting to prepare for the digital age with the right digital transformation and cyber security solutions.

With this transaction, Noventiq will be able to acquire new capabilities and skills with the great team that drives Makronet’s business. Noventiq´s customers around the world will also benefit from Makronet’s own unique platform MyAdmin, which is globally awarded by Microsoft in 2022. This solution, which simplifies and optimises customers´ management and operations of CSP assets, will complement Noventiq´s own ActivePlatform to further digitally transform customers´ ecosystems.

What is next?

The scope of support Makronet offers to its customers will expand thanks to Noventiq’s global position and digital transformation and cybersecurity solutions provided to hundreds of brand partnerships and a service portfolio of hundreds of best-in-class IT vendors:

• Noventiq’s expanded service portfolio, especially for Global Delivery Center (GDC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) in India, access to Microsoft Modern Workplace (MWP) delivery centers, Azure Expert Managed Services (MSP), Develonica (Center of Expertise for Custom Development and Digital Transformation), Umbrealla Infocare (AWS Premier Consulting Partner).

• Expanded partnership portfolio – it brings Noventiq’s global partnership relations with Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Cisco, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Palo Alto, Vmware etc.

• With Noventiq’s global support as a group, it provides a relentless focus on delivering the best solutions and experience to customers.

Q & A

1. Why did Noventiq acquire Makronet?

Noventiq´s team continuously reviews opportunities for acquisitions if they see synergies with the existing business and options to increase scale at attractive valuations. This acquisition positions Noventiq as a leader for digital transformation services in Türkiye and the important Middle East region with a diversified portfolio of solutions and services from Makronet.

The deal also contributes to two dimensions of Noventiq´s three-dimensional growth strategy outlined at our IPO: geographical expansion and strengthening sales channel capabilities with Makronet´s own platform, MyAdmin. This platform simplifies and optimizes customers´ management and operations of CSP assets, will complement Noventiq´s own ActivePlatform to further transform customers´ ecosystems digitally.

2. What will happen with the ongoing commitments with customers from both companies?

All commitments will stay as they were before the acquisition agreement, and they will be respected once the deal is closed.

3. What kind of opportunities does this transaction bring to Makronet?

The scope of support that Makronet offers to its customers will expand thanks to Noventiq’s global position and its broader digital transformation and cybersecurity solutions and services portfolio from its 6,000+ vendor partnerships. This acquisition represents a massive step for Makronet´s future. It will help the Turkish company to grow immensely within the market, but also push it globally thanks to Noventiq´s worldwide Microsoft relationships and their global presence. Noventiq will provide further information on new offerings and business opportunities as and when appropriate.

4. What advantages will Makronet provide to Noventiq?

Noventiq aims to achieve rapid growth in the field of Microsoft cloud technologies in Turkey and the Middle East market by joining forces with Makronet, Turkey’s leading Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider with 22 years of information technologies and cloud solutions experience and more than 1000 customers. In addition, Noventiq Turkey customers will be able to benefit from MyAdmin, Turkey’s #1 digital Microsoft cloud solutions platform, which was deemed worthy of the “Microsoft Modern Workplace for SMB Partner of the Year 2022” global award. Thus, Noventiq will reach the position of an end-to-end digital transformation provider in the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets.

5. Who is Noventiq?

Noventiq is a leading global solutions and services provider in digital transformation and cybersecurity, headquartered in London and listed on the London stock exchange. With 5,700 employees in nearly 60 countries, the company enables, facilitates and accelerates digital transformation for more than 75,000 customers. This acquisition represents a significant addition to Noventiq’s operations in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, while also supporting the company’s three-dimensional growth strategy.

Sergey Chernovolenko – Global CEO at Noventiq: When we announced our IPO at the London Stock Exchange, we made a commitment to our shareholders, employees, vendors and customers, that we would continue with our three-dimensional growth strategy to position Softline as an IT leader in emerging markets. A key part of that promise was our intention to expand to regions like the Middle East where we see enormous potential. Adding Makronet’s outstanding expertise in providing Microsoft´s solutions to the Turkish market over the past 20 years is a huge boost to Softline’s aim to become the digital transformation leader in Turkey —and further strengthen our position globally.”

Atul Ahuja – Senior Vice President, MEA & Asia: Businesses, government agencies, educational institutes and even the whole countries aim to adopt Digital Transformation and Technology to enhance and automate their experiences, tailored to the needs of its customers, citizens and the next generation. As Noventiq, with our global expertise, we see Turkey as a strategic market to offer all our services and solutions to our customers with a single goal of “Local Outcomes”. With this strategic investment, we are uniquely positioned to bring cloud service, security solutions and customized services to market.”

Erdal İpek – Noventiq Turkey CEO: This acquisition is a very important milestone for the Noventiq Turkey family. We are a company that believes in the Turkish market and has been serving its customers in Digital Transformation, Service, Hardware and Cyber security needs by continuously increasing its investments in this market for 15 years. With this important acquisition, we will seize many new growth opportunities in our country and in our region by joining forces with the Makronet family, which has high customer satisfaction and technical expertise. I would like to express that we are excited and impatient to present Noventiq’s deep-rooted and strong global competencies to Makronet customers and to provide them with solutions that will make a difference in their fields and support their growth.

Güçlü Tuğay, Makronet, Kurucu ve CEO: This acquisition represents a massive step for our company´s future. It will help us grow immensely within the market, but also push us globally thanks to Softline´s worldwide Microsoft relationships and their global presence. We are very excited to become part of Softline´s team, and I can´t wait to start working together to continue bringing world-class IT solutions and services to businesses across the country, the MEA region and beyond”.

With this message, we also want to assure that all commitments remain as they were before the purchase contract and will be respected.

As key management personnel, Güçlü Tuğay (CEO and Founder), Özgür Özgüngör (CTO) and Özge Tuğay (COO) will continue to serve at Makronet, and the whole Makronet team will continue strengthening the company’s market position and accelerate business growth.

For more information about Noventiq, please click the link.

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Thank you for your trust in Makronet, we will proudly continue to serve you with all our possibilities and excitement alongside the Noventiq team.


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