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10 Microsoft Teams Tips You Wish You Knew Before – Episode 1

10 Microsoft Teams Tips

When we look back at the year 2020, we can consider it as the year of digital transformation due to pandemic. Microsoft Teams, which gained greater importance than ever before, reached 115 million of daily usage by making 15% of progress in 2020. They outperformed their opponents by making innovative updates continuously.

We compiled our #TipsTuesday posts, which are posted on our Makronet social media accounts and are well-loved by you. We are sure that you will wish you knew these tips before when you see them below!

Let’s start!

1) Create Private Channels

Have some privacy!

If you need more limited people for certain projects within your Teams channels, Teams’ Private Channel feature is just for you! Thanks to this feature, which is only offered to the channel admins, you can manage your workstream under relevant titles and relevant people.

How to: Click on More options (…) next to your team conversation > Add Channel > Select Private within Privacy and add relevant people.

2) Blur Your Background

You can be anywhere, in your home, in the airport, or in your car…

Thanks to Blur My Background feature, your background gets blurry when your camera is enabled, and only your face gets focused. If you want to leave a professional impression when talking with your boss or colleagues, you know what to do now!

How to: Click on More options (…) on top of the Teams meeting screen > Click on Apply Background Effect > Select Blur and blur your background.

3) Add Applications

Thanks to Apps, which enables you to customize Teams in your way; you can not only reach Microsoft 365 products and services, but also can integrate all your solutions that are compatible with Teams. Thus, you can create a working habitat which is suitable for both you and your company!

How to: Open Teams > Click on Apps on the bottom-left > Search and select the application you want to use > Click Add and start using your app.

Footnote: In this way, you can start your Node Insight 1-Month Free Trial subscription, which is the first Microsoft Teams cyber security solution on Apps! Click here to reach our blog for further information about Node Insight.

4) Add Guest Users

Let us answer a frequently asked question: Can we add someone who is out of the organization to Microsoft Teams?

Yes, you can. If you are one of the admins of your Teams channel, you can add Guest to your channel and start chatting with them!

How to: Move to the channel you want to add a guest to > Click on More options (…) next to the channel title > Click on Add Member > Type your guest’s e-mail address and add the guest to your channel.

5) Share Content Synchronously

You can easily share the content you created with multiple channels synchronously. Moreover, you do not even have to copy and paste your content to do this. After preparing your announcement or message, select the channels you want to share them with, and Microsoft Teams will automatically share your content with the channels you have chosen!

How to: Open a channel conversation > Type your announcement or content > Select Post in multiple channels on top of the text cell > Mark the channels you want and share your content with the channels you have chosen synchronously.

6) Forward an E-mail to Your Channel

Important e-mails that you were expecting will not get lost in the e-mail traffic anymore!

Microsoft Teams creates different e-mails for every channel. If you like, you can forward the e-mails to the channels you want or you can enable the e-mails to automatically arrive on your channel according to the factors you determined with the Automatic Forwarding Rule.

How to: Click on More options (…) next to your Teams channel > Click on Get e-mail address > Copy the link that pops up > Paste the link to the To part of your e-mail and send it.

7) Record Your Meetings

During a meeting, trying to take notes and listen at the same time is not only tiring, but also it can cause you to miss out important points. Thanks to this feature, you can focus on your meeting; meanwhile, Teams will record the meeting. When the meeting ends, you will receive an e-mail from Microsoft Stream. Thus, you can access the recording through the link within the e-mail!

How to: Start a video/voice call > Click on More options (…) at the rectangle panel on the screen > Click on Record Meeting > In the end of the meeting, access to your recording from Microsoft Stream.

8) Create Tags

Tags enable you to reach people from Teams at a time. If certain people will work on a certain project, instead of typing the names of these people one by one, you can create tags. Therefore, by using Tags feature, attract the attention of these people directly!

How to: Move to Teams section > Click on More options (…) next to your channel > Click on Manage Tags > Specify your tag and the team member you want to include.

9) Give Screen Control

In case you approve, Microsoft Teams enables you to give screen control to other participants. Thanks to this feature, both hosts can control the screen-share and the main host can disable the screen control of the other host whenever he wants!

How to: Start a video call > Share your content or page from Share option > Click on Give Control in the up center of the shared screen and give screen control to whoever you want.

Footnote: For this feature to be active, required permissions must be granted from Microsoft Teams Admin Center.

10) Start a Conversation on a New Tab

You may be working within multiple channels actively; thus, you may not want to be disturbed by your teamwork, but you may want to control your channels anyway. You can open a conversation you want in a new tab; thereby, you navigate through Microsoft Teams freely.

How to: Open Chats > Find the conversation you want to open in a new tab > By double-clicking on the conversation or by clicking on the symbol, you can open the conversation in a new tab.

Using Microsoft Teams has never been this enjoyable and productive, has it? Stay tuned for Episode 2, because there are more clues you need to know!

İdil Biliközen Digital Operations Specialist İdil (Tuğay) Biliközen | LinkedIn

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