The World’s First and Only Microsoft Teams Cyber Security Solution: Node Insight

Although we have written lots of blogs, we have never been this excited for any of them. As the title, we are glad to introduce the world’s first and only (for now) Microsoft Teams cyber security solution. Please welcome, Node Insight!

Before stating Node Insight’s features, as Makronet, we would like to indicate that our software makes us proud and is a great pride for our country. We will announce our name globally with our service and our country will have a reputation of cyber security, soon.

What is Node Insight?

Node Insight is the first and only Microsoft Teams solution that provides cyber security and asset management for the corporate companies from every sector. What makes Node Insight special is that this application exceeds the limits of IT department and reaches the end user. In other words, as Microsoft license provider, we contact with IT managers and employees first, generally. Services, products, or licenses are examined by them and installed to end-user. Thanks to Node Insight, we can directly reach to the end-users. Of course, Microsoft Teams’ active and common usage enabled this.

“Node Insight is an application that is convenient to all the necessary standards and deserved taking place in Microsoft Teams App Gallery”
Erdem Erdoğan, Microsoft Regional Solutions Architect for Cybersecurity & Cloud

Firstly, we presented MyScore in previous months, in terms of security. Then, we introduced our first hardware device, Innclo, followed by Node Insight, presented to you in March. We owe all this security investments to becoming an Ar-Ge company. As we announced before, we are the Microsoft Partner that gained right to move to TeknoPark Istanbul. All our products and services were and will be developed with high security features.

Node Insight’s programming process was based on our security vision and Microsoft’s security standards. We created a worldwide secure security solution for Microsoft, for us, and for you. Before elaborating on our service, we would like to remind you some words from Erdem Erdoğan, Microsoft Regional Solutions Architect for Cyber-security & Cloud, who joined our digital launching on March 15: “As Microsoft, we must provide the process running in the background in terms of both performance and security. Therefore, Node Insight is an application that is convenient to all the necessary standards and deserved taking place in Microsoft Teams App Gallery. Thus, the application both provides security and is secure itself.”

Working Principle of Node Insight

The most important feature of Node insight is that it is not a third-party software and does not require an integration process. For instance, most of the applications are created by integrating their portals to Teams. Compared to these kind of applications, Node Insight runs only within Microsoft Teams as it is a service specific to it; in other words, it exists thanks to Microsoft Teams.

The very first installation is under your company’s Global Admin IT’s responsibility. Then, it can be installed to all end-users from one computer automatically. To find the application, go to Microsoft Teams’ Apps section > type ‘Node Insight’ or ‘cyber-security’ > click on install app and quickly set it up by following the steps.

You can click here to create your 1-month-free-trial demo account.

Let’s see the working principle of Node Insight.

1. It examines your company’s software and hardware asset with only one click.
2. Its questionnaire feature enables end-users to see their habits towards cyber threats.
3. It recommends actionable insights to minimize security weaknesses.
4. It provides an easy-to-use and manageable service within Microsoft Teams.
5. It helps you to interact actively with IT managers more than before.
6. It shows the applications within your licenses on the home screen.

Advantages of Node Insight

Before the advantages, we would like to remind something very important. CIO of the World Health Organization Flavio Aggio stated the increase of the cyber-threats due to Corona Virus: “We are facing a cyber threat that is 2 times greater than all those before.

As security measures are improving, cyber-attacks are creating their solution too. Increased cyber-attacks throughout the pandemic are the greatest proof of this. In a world where cyber-security is this important, writing and publishing a cyber-security application is a very important and a serious situation.

Let’s show you some of the most important advantages Node Insight provides:

1. Increasing the efficient usage of Microsoft Teams among departments by gamifying Secure Score Point development.
2. Software & Hardware Asset Management with cyber security and computer performance surveys.
3. GDPR and Security Awareness with recommended smart educations.
4. Company-wide IT Control and IT Cost Saving with data tracking through a single panel.
5. Security and Compliance Development with surveys, reports, recommendations, and trainings.
6. Active Usage of the Applications within License with reminders on the panel.


Final Words

Maybe you will be reading this with a great awareness; however, we would like to remind you one more time that Node Insight is Makronet’s, Microsoft’s, Turkey’s, and the world’s first and only Microsoft Teams cyber security application. This success belongs to those who are sharing and using this application with us. The only unpredictable issue about cyber security is the human factor. To prevent this, Node Insight has been created and it became available for you. Thus, we will be able to say ‘STOP!’ to all the cyber threats that will be more developed, stronger, and much determined.

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Security is not an option; but an obligation.

Mert Tüfekçioğlu
Marketing Specialist