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Microsoft Copilot: The Art of Prompting - Chapter 1

Are any of you interested in the Law of Attraction? It is simply based on the idea that thoughts and intentions are in harmony with universal energy, and that this energy helps to attract desired outcomes. What goes around comes around or you reap what you sow can be examples of this.

What is the relevance of our topic?

In fact, it is quite simple: It is very important to know what we want at every moment of our lives and to express what we want correctly, to strive for it and to get the result. I'm sure the Law of Attraction would prefer you to say, "I want a Ferrari Daytona SP3!" rather than "I want a Ferrari!" (Just in case to mention for those would like to try, I guess we can't expect it to be presented to you instantly, because fate is in love with effort.)

What we say is that expressing what we want correctly, striving for it and getting results is very important in all areas of our lives. The situation is now the same for white-collar workers. The Law of Attraction may not be able to complete your tasks that you need to keep up with (or it has already completed, did you want it?), but even if it is not a law, the right command can!

We teach you the basics of the Art of Prompting in 3 stages. If you're ready, let's get started:

1. Tell It What You Need

In our previous blog post, we wondered what you were asking Siri when it was first announced. I'm not going to write my questions because I love my job and my career, but if I remember anything, it's that it didn't exceed 2-3 words. Later, we started to take some actions by giving commands such as "Call my mom," "Open the gallery," or "Play the music." Today, Microsoft Copilot strives to fulfill your wishes as your AI-powered assistant.

However, it seems that it is struggling a little... The only thing it needs is proper communication!

The prompts are how to ask Copilot for Microsoft 365 to do things for you. There are some prompts that you can use based on which task you want to be done. In short, you must tell it clearly what you need.

  • Learn about projects and concepts: "What is a Marketing Project and who is working on it?"

  • Edit text: "Check for inconsistencies in the reason document for the launch of this product."

  • Convert documents: "Turn this FAQ document into a 10-slide beginner's guide."

  • Summarize information: "Write a session summary of this presentation."

  • Create engaging content: "Create a value proposition for MyAdmin."

  • Catch up on missed items: "Prepare a summary of updates and action items in the Marketing Project."

Thus, together we took our first steps towards the Art of Prompting. Typing exactly what you need when entering the prompt is a fundamental part of this art.


2. Add the Right Prompt Contents

We are aware of what we need. So, let's get to the elements of the sentence. Grammar 101 tells us that sentences consist of the subject – complement – predicate, and the meaning is reinforced or extended by subordinate clauses. For the Art of Copilot Prompting, the elements of the sentence consist of 4 basic elements: Goal, Context, Source, and Expectations. Entering a prompt with these elements in mind will be enough to get the best response.


Case Study


Generate 3-5 bullet points to prepare me for a meeting with Client X to discuss their “Phase 3+” brand campaign. Focus on Email and Teams chats since June. Please use simple language so I can get up to speed quickly.


Let's examine the above sentence according to 4 key elements:


Goal: What kind of response do you want?

“Generate 3-5 bullet points”


Context: Why do you need it and who is involved?

“to prepare me for a meeting with Client X to discuss their “Phase 3+” brand campaign”


Source: What sources or samples of information should Copilot use?

“Focus on Email and Teams chats since June.”


Expectations: How should Copilot respond to best meet your expectations?

“Please use simple language so I can get up to speed quickly.”

We now know the basics needed to get the best answers from Microsoft Copilot. Let's come to the last step that needs attention.

3. Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming!

Like Dory in Finding Nemo, Microsoft Copilot can get confused from time to time. Although our cute blue fish has survived great difficulties, her ambition to continue swimming brought her and her friend to a happy ending. Let this inspire you because Copilot will also lead you to a happy ending.

For Copilot, it's essential that you keep the conversation going, nurture the conversation with different data and question patterns, and never give up. Following your prompts helps you collaborate with Copilot to get more helpful and tailored responses.

We can give you a few tips!


  • Generating content ideas: You can lead with broader requests, then provide specific details about the content.

  • Enabling insightful meetings: You can request a meeting summary and then ask for more information about what you need to know.

  • Storytelling: You can ask Copilot to write a story, then guide the story by providing more specific and relevant details.

  • Gaining insight: You can ask for a summary of a specific file, then ask related questions to gain more in-depth information.

  • Translating languages: You can ask Copilot to translate a sentence into one of the supported languages, then request more context or regional dialects.

  • Solving technical issues: You can present a technical issue, then narrow down the issue or ask for step-by-step guidance.


We have completed the first of our Microsoft Copilot Art of Prompting course. Thank you for reading patiently. If we summarize, knowing what we need, defining it correctly, entering a correct prompt, using the right prompt elements, and continuing the conversation are the most important building blocks of the Art of Prompting.

However, there are some very important details to acknowledge. Let's wait for you to get some practice on prompting before moving on to the second lesson. At that time, let's try the elements of the Art of Prompting on the Law of Attraction; we will tell you our valued readers what kind of Ferrari you can own as soon as it happens, but in our next article!

Mert Tüfekçioğlu

Marketing Excecutive


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