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MyAdmin Success Story of Sinpas Holding

“We recovered from all burdens affecting our operational difficulties!”

Sinpaş Holding, which was established in 1974 and one of the biggest and well-established companies in Turkey, saved time and cost in licensing and financial operations, thanks to MyAdmin. Sinpaş Holding achieved 12% cost optimization by returning the licenses they did not use within seconds and highlighted that they are monitoring the security of their companies and subcompanies more efficiently with MyAdmin.

Cost optimization was achieved. Ömer Demir, who is the IT Specialist of Sinpaş Holding, answered the questions of our Marketing Executive, Mert Tüfekçioğlu, on the Microsoft Teams interview we have conducted. Sinpaş Holding, which has been using the cloud technologies for many years actively, stated that the most difficult operation is to distribute invoices to the subbranches and separate them in terms of regions, for more than 10 subcompanies.

In addition, as they are a dynamic company, he described the licensing operations as: “We have approximately 300 users within the company. As we are a dynamic and circulating company, we used to accumulate our licenses in the pool; and it was very costly for us. Assigning licenses for every person and removing them was an operational difficulty for us.”

More agile operation was achieved. MyAdmin users are able to manage their Microsoft 365 and Azure subscriptions, add – remove licenses, and separate their invoices into the categories, thanks to the Office Subscriptions. Sinpaş Holding, which has been using this service very actively, strengthen its operational processes by saving time and cost massively.

Demir stated that he is very satisfied with the invoice separation service and continued: “Now, it takes minutes for the invoice separation processes to be completed, which used to take us days to complete, and it provides us with great operational speed and cost advantage. We used to have staff just for this and now we can assign these staff more efficient roles.”

Licensing cost decreased by 12%. MyAdmin, which enables you to return licenses within the scope of the terms of your licenses as you purchase them, helped Sinpaş Holding to decrease their cost as much as increasing their licensing operations.

Stating that he was extremely excited during the first product promotion, Demir said the following for the licensing costs: “We purchase the license we need and add it instantly; we cannot express in words how this helped us to become stronger. It eliminated an unnecessary financial burden and stopped an unnecessary mail traffic that is full of questions about adding or removing licenses. When this section was being introduced, I remember saying “That’s it!”



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