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Today, we are in Teknopark Istanbul, a technology development area established to enable local and foreign entrepreneurs to contribute to Turkey’s technology development capacity. Last year, in April, with the second version of our new platform MyAdmin, we made the business processes of Information Technologies managers much easier in the pandemic and gave them the opportunity to earn while working. You can also take a look at our previous blog, where we explained MyAdmin in more detail here.

The adventure of each product or service after the launching is always within sight. Today, we reach you directly from the kitchen, which is not within sight. We had a conversation with our valuable MyAdmin Product Manager Nihan Yazgan and Customer Success Manager Göktuğ Yıldırım about MyAdmin and we wanted you to take a look at this journey too.

“We can also view the history of Makronet as before MyAdmin and after MyAdmin; because now we can make our presence felt more tangibly with our customers.”

İdil: Dear Nihan and Göktuğ, we would love to get to know you better.

Nihan: Hello, I am working as the MyAdmin Product Manager at Makronet. Here, I can briefly say that I am working to determine the end-to-end product needs of MyAdmin. Moreover, to ensure that we are on the same track in product-specific developments by advancing in an organized manner with other departments. It can be said that I am one of the cooks of the MyAdmin kitchen

Göktuğ: I work as the Customer Experience Manager at Makronet. For MyAdmin, I provide the necessary support for customer satisfaction and enable the customers to get the maximum efficiency with the platform. Specifically, through MyAdmin, I become more-like customers’ voice and I coordinate and share all feedbacks with the departments.

İ: What exactly does MyAdmin mean to our valued customers and Makronet?

N: MyAdmin is an innovative solution beyond a digital platform. Its focus is becoming Turkey’s first and only B2B Cloud Solution Platform. It provides benefits especially for IT managers but not limited with this target audience, focusing on increasing productivity, hosting many services from the knowledge bank to the support center, and helping you to earn money points as you make transactions. It is very valuable for us to be the first one to achieve this. As Makronet, our vision is to ensure sustainable customer satisfaction. If we look at the latest satisfaction surveys and other feedbacks, we can view the history of Makronet as before and after MyAdmin; because now we can make our presence felt more tangibly with our customers. This is a great source of motivation for us.

G: If you need to evaluate MyAdmin from the eyes of users, it can be defined as a whole where they can solve fast and active workloads. What I mean by ‘whole’ is the integrity of MyAdmin, which is not limited to IT managers, but touches and improves the workloads and responsibilities of the entire organization, implemented with a holistic perspective. At the end of the day, through the HR department, managers can organize their training, the IT department can easily complete licensing, invoicing, reporting and many other activities, while earning money points and making work fun. As Nihan said, this is how we maintain sustainable customer satisfaction. I cannot help but I say I wish I could become an IT manager

İ: You said sustainable customer satisfaction. What does the concept of “sustainability”, one of the most important topics of recent years, mean for MyAdmin?

N: That’s a very good question. Sustainability is actually being able to respond to the needs of time. From this perspective, sustainability for MyAdmin means providing consistent, high-quality, predictable services or solutions for its customers. It is about being a solution platform that provides business leadership and success through strong growth and to contribute everyone by making use of the latest technologies.

G: Sustainability actually ranks first among my responsibilities as a Customer Experience Manager; sustainable customer satisfaction, accessibility to information, optimum accessibility to the advantages of its products and services and more. While we were able to achieve our sustainability goals in every field with the Microsoft product family, these processes became faster and easier with MyAdmin.

“Success is more meaningful for the jobs that are done with pleasure.”

İ: When explaining MyAdmin to our customers for the first time, how did you capture the “game changer” effect?

N: I view it as a whole, I do not focus on just one feature. When we are explaining the platform to our customers, we want them to see the whole picture. Each feature is both useful and unique. From the license management to the support center, from the knowledge bank to special campaigns and providing solutions that will increase efficiency while earning money points, every single breakdown has a game-changing effect

G: The hybrid working style that came with the pandemic also paved the way for hybrid business models. It can be said that the manual processes are automated but still do not lose control. At this point, MyAdmin offers IT managers the flexibility they want and automating all these processes with a single click. The game-changing effect starts 3-0 up like this.

İ: Are there any new developments in MyAdmin? If yes, can we get any hints?

N: There is a knowledge library in the field of security where many IT administrators will be visiting frequently, and we have an academy section in it. Wonderful services await us. In addition, we continue to develop our company’s “made-to-custom” workshops for dissemination and adoption. While doing this, we aim to make a more user-friendly interface by following the latest technologies.

G: The new modules for security will always guide you to take the relevant actions for the data protection requirement. We have developed these modules through the positive feedbacks we have received from our very valuable customers. Then, we have established cooperation with the most preferred companies in the world, and we will introduce them to you very closely.

İ: I have one last question, which I have always wanted to ask. What would be its message to the world if MyAdmin would take part in a beauty contest?

N: Hahaha! I laughed so hard at this question. Its message to the world would be “grow your business with love”. It would say that it is possible to get rid of operational workloads, you can handle your transactions with one click, and sip your coffee with pleasure.

G: It was a pleasant question, İdil. MyAdmin would definitely take the stage in a suit that carries your cloud workloads, center the stage with fast and reliable steps and say, “Success is more meaningful for the jobs that are done with pleasure.”

It was very enjoyable to conduct this interview, we hope you, our valuable readers, enjoyed it as well. You can visit our website to take a look at MyAdmin and you can always contact us for any questions about our product. Don’t forget to follow our upcoming blogs!

İdil Bilikozen Digital Operations Specialist



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