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Meet New MyAdmin!

There’s a saying that people do not remember what you said or what you did but remember how you made them feel; this inspired us at the beginning of this process: How do they feel?

I would like to share a small anecdote for this blog. At the beginning of the previous year when we were staying home due to the pandemic, we took up a new hobby just like everybody else; to brew coffee at home. To me, it was more comfortable to just go out and have a take-out. For my father, on the other hand, it was more enjoyable to brew coffee at home. I could not really understand this for a while because it was harder for me to prepare stuff by myself; it was easier to order and wait.

Then, I realized that although brewing coffee was a ‘self-service’ process, what makes it unique was the experience itself. Brewing coffee is a ceremony; your choice of coffee, your devices, your glass, your atmosphere. Some stuff must be under your control, a controlling process that you enjoy. Experiencing this feeling of control must be very valuable.

The exact starting point of our product, which led us to write this blog, is to enjoy: Life, work, earn!

What is MyAdmin?

IT units are familiar with it but let me summarize it quickly. When a new employee starts working in your firm, you request additional licenses from your partner. Your request will be answered in a few hours or days, depending on your partner and other circumstances. Same process applies for when your employees resign. Even though this is more sustainable and easier to keep track of in small companies, the disadvantages it has in medium and large companies are too significant to be ignored.

For instance, a company that foresees growth will order more licenses that it needs. Overpayments are made no matter whether it is monthly or annually, and for this reason, people blame IT units for being costly. When defending hybrid working model and adapting our company to it, why can’t our business processes be flexible? Why can’t we take the upper hand properly?

We understand how you feel, see it, and present it to you: MyAdmin!: MyAdmin!

I would like to present MyAdmin with examples to you. I want to show you how to enjoy your job, to make you feel the excitement you will feel when talking about this product to higher units or other departments, to prove how you can earn while working, and to tell you how we can grow together with MyAdmin.

Shall we begin?

Why MyAdmin?

I have used multiple words above when explaining MyAdmin. These are not just literary words or similes; rather, it is the truth.

1) Gives to whole control to you. Thanks to the Office Subscriptions screen within the platform, you can increase or decrease the number of licenses with just one click. You can see which license is assigned to whom. Additionally, thanks to the Office Cost Center, you can analyze your costs by person, department, city, country, or region, and separate your invoices with the same categories.

2) MyAdmin provides you with all the details you want. IT units know very well that dozens of services in Azure have many breaking points during the billing process and it is very difficult to keep track of them. Thanks to the Azure Consumption Panel, you can keep track of all your consumption history including the smallest breaking point.

3) MyAdmin promises you crystal clarity. Within the scope of our transparency principle, we offer you an invoice analysis that no one else can offer. You can view the components of all your invoices belonging to your Microsoft 365 and Azure subscriptions on the Invoice Detail Screen.

4) MyAdmin supports you 24/7. Not only you can keep track of your technical support requests very easily from the Support Center panel, but you can also request control of your requests every day and hour of the week*. Very soon, you will be able to find and solve similar solutions to the problem you are experiencing from the MyAdmin library without creating a new request. *24/7 support is only available on Premium packages.
5) MyAdmin adapts you to new products and services. You are not alone during the adaptation processes of the companies for the products and services you have purchased. Thanks to the Adaptation Center, you can receive corporate training and participate in workshops. You can also earn Money Points per workshop you attend.

6) MyAdmin enables you to earn while working. People who do their job with love, wins every time, don’t they? Thanks to Bulutla Kazan, you can participate in programmatic campaigns, earn Money Points as you spend them, and create valid gift cards at member workplaces. In addition, you can also use the existing Cloud Score as a bill discount.

7) MyAdmin helps you make administrative decisions. Thanks to the My Account feature in the portal, you can control all entries and logouts, review your contracts, and give the relevant authorizations to the people you want..

Final Say, for Now

Before finishing this blog, I would like to prove that the coffee pleasure that I mentioned above is real. There is this moment when you hold a sugar-free Turkish coffee, and take your first sip. We feel the same way when reading your feedbacks. All we want is to share the good and bad together, walk together, and grow together. Share your feelings with us when clicking on that coffee icon, please?

As stated on our website, MyAdmin is Turkey’s only Microsoft Cloud Solutions Platform, offered only to Makronet customers in Turkey, where you can manage your licenses, invoices, training, and support processes related to your Microsoft 365 and Azure services, provide cost optimization, and earn money while doing all these.

In my words, MyAdmin is a platform of those who know how to enjoy life and those who want to take the upper hand while continuing to do their job with love. Moreover, it is a free platform. If it is free, I seem to hear the cliché that you are the fee. Our boss always says: If it is not always the best, it has to be the most different. Free is just one of the nuances that make MyAdmin unique and different.

That is what MyAdmin is all about!

More to come, very soon!

For more information visit our website
Mert Tüfekçioğlu Marketing Excecutive Mert Tüfekçioğlu | LinkedIn


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