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Copilot for Human Resources: Selin's 1 Day

Working at Noventiq, which operates in more than 60 countries and is one of Microsoft’s most valuable business partners, is perhaps the dream of many people. However, working at such a well-established and large company comes with advantages, as well as relatively more responsibilities. 

Selin, who works as the Human Resources Manager of Makronet | Noventiq, can easily handle her intense and complex work tempo thanks to the investments she has made in her personal development. She manages to enjoy her job, determine her priorities correctly, and establish a personal-work life balance. Still, being a manager can sometimes mean that her work tempo needs to be more intense. 

It seems that Selin has already found an “assistant” to carry her The One Ring of power: Microsoft 365 Copilot! Selin’s experiences with Copilot, which makes her day easier and more productive, are both entertaining and educational. We asked her to tell us about her day, let’s take a look together.

Time: 8AM 

"During these hours, I sit down at my computer with my morning coffee and prepare to interview a new candidate. Copilot makes my interview process much easier.”

Selin uses Copilot to prepare interview questions and analyze candidate responses. The command is: "What are some good follow-up questions to learn more about this person's skills and experience?" and Copilot immediately gets to work. It then offers Selin suggestions to help her better understand the candidate's skills. This way, Selin can ask more effective questions during the interview and better assess the candidate's abilities.

Time: 9:35 AM

“Sometimes I realize I need to review important conversation threads that took place and reading them all can take too long because interview procedures take up too much of my time. Guess who comes to my rescue?”

Of course, Copilot comes to Selin's rescue! With the command "Summarize this thread and include key issues and suggestions for solutions." Copilot summarizes the thread and offers Selin the necessary solutions. Thanks to this, Selin can quickly solve problems with her team and manage her operational work more efficiently.

Time: 10 AM

“There is a new Compliance Handbook prepared for the company and it needed to be summarized. I did not forget to contact Copilot for this job rather than spending half a day for the job.”

Copilot quickly summarized the important points in the handbook and provided Selin with a short and clear summary. As a command, Selin said, “Summarize the Noventiq Compliance Handbook for a manager in about four paragraphs and provide a list of important points.” Copilot fulfilled Selin’s request and listed the important points with the summary of the Compliance Handbook, so that she could quickly complete the rest of her work on compliance.

Time: 1 PM

“After lunch, I like to sip my filter coffee that is waiting in the office and get back to work after emptying my mind with social media. Since I started Makronet’s employee experience initiatives, I can check the latest attrition numbers in Excel more regularly with Copilot.”

Selin asks Copilot to prepare some calculations and graphs for Excel. Selin says, “Add a column that averages the other columns for each month.” Copilot prepares the graphs and calculations and presents them to Selin. She can track employee experience initiatives more effectively by presenting this data to the leadership team.

Time: 2 PM

“Sometimes I can miss the correspondence or activities going on within my own team because of my busy schedule. With Copilot, nothing escapes my attention anymore and we can easily project the decisions and ideas we make as a team.”

Selin asks Copilot to prepare a slide that can be used to explain her team’s initiatives. She decides to enter a command like “Add a slide about potential HR initiatives.” Copilot prepares the requested slide and presents it to Selin, which helps her achieve a more effective and professional appearance in her presentations.

Time: 4 PM

“As the sun begins to set for Teletubbies, I can say that the day is slowly coming to an end for Makronet | Noventiq. I sometimes realize that I missed a few calls and emails at the end of the day. Before, I would have to look at them one by one, but now it’s out of the question. You know why!”

Copilot helps her prepare a response by summarizing the missed emails. Selin simply says, “Summarize this topic,” and Copilot summarizes the emails and prepares the responses and presents them to Selin. This way, she can manage her email traffic quickly and effectively. Selin is now ready for her afternoon tea and can chat with her friends and head home.

Start Using Copilot Now

Here’s how Selin’s day goes. Things go faster and more efficiently with Copilot. Selin can easily overcome the difficulties of work with Copilot and thus focus more on her job – at least during the time left after salary raise discussions with her co-workers.

You can get inspired by Selin’s experiences with Copilot and learn how to use Copilot in the best way possible by attending the training sessions offered by Makronet. Continue to follow our blog to be informed about new adventures at Makronet and not to miss more scenarios related to Copilot. 

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