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Become a Microsoft Teams Expert in 10 Steps

Both institutions and individuals had to take precautions against Corona Virus, which was spotted in Wuhan, China, and swept the nation. Foremost among them, the move made by Microsoft attracted a great deal of attention: 6-month free trial to the premium version of Teams application!

Microsoft Teams

As Makronet, we prepared a webinar about Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business to make things clear. Moreover, we offer free technical support to all corporate companies who start their Teams subscription with us. You can watch our webinar below.

Let’s get to the heart of this blog!

Let’s say you installed Microsoft Teams today, you set up the application and you are ready to start using it. At that moment, this blog will help you as it explains how to be a Teams expert in 10 steps. Don’t be startled if your bosses ask to benefit from your expertness, you’re welcome

1) Create a New Team

The first thing you should do is to create a team. Click on Join or create a team at the top left on your Microsoft Teams screen. Then, name your team and decide on people you would like to give access. You can either create a team for specific people that you’ve chosen or one which can be accessed by the whole organization.

2) Create Channels

You can create lots of channels underneath every teams. For example, assume the name of your team is Marketing Department. You can create multiple channels that belong to this department. For instance, you can create a Social Media channel within your Marketing Department Team. To do that, click on three dots (…) on the right of your team name and select Add Channel.

3) Upload Your Office 365 Files

After setting up channels and teams, you can start working. Your first step should be to upload your files which would have been lost or changed among your emails. You can work on the files which were uploaded by your teammates, follow new changes and prevent loss of your files. The only thing you should do is to drag your files to the screen or click on Files and then Upload. Thus, you can upload the file you’d like to work on. If you want to create a totally new file, you can do so by clicking on New.

4) Start a chat

You can meet up at the Chat section with everyone in your organization, you can chat whenever you like. Click on the pencil icon at the top left and choose the person or people you want to chat with, then start a conversation. Thus, you can either create a single or a group chat. Do not forget to use GIFs, Stickers and Emojis to have fun while chatting!

5) Add Your File to Tabs

You created your team, channels, chats and uploaded your files. What if there are lots of files, and some of them are too important and others require less control? It’s very simple, find the file you use the most in your channel within Files. Click on the triple dot (…). So, you can pin your file by clicking on Pin to top and access it very easily.

6) Start a Meeting

Place and time are not important for meetings anymore. You can organize a meeting by clicking on the camera icon (Meet Now) on the bottom of the channel. You can name the meeting, enable or disable your camera and achieve more.

7) Mention Someone or a Channel

You have some important things to say? If you’re chatting in your channel, @mention your channel. For example, you can say @SocialMedia or @MarketingDepartment. To draw somebody’s attention, @mention that person like @MertTüfekçioğlu. this feature is also available for Chat section.

8) Add Apps

There are hundreds of applications integrated with Microsoft Teams. You can either add the solutions that are specific to your organization or start using an existing app immediately, or both. Click on Apps at the bottom left on your screen, then choose one of the existing apps or upload yours.

9) Start a Live Event

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel! You can start a live event either inside or outside the organization. For this, drag your cursor on Calendar. Click on the arrow next to New Meeting at the top right and choose Live Event from the list.

10) Follow Our Social Media Accounts

The things you can do with Teams are limitless. As Makronet, we share tips about Microsoft products and services every Tuesday under the title of #TipsTuesday. We started sharing about Teams more to support home-office remote working due to the Corona Virus. You can save those tips and accomplish great things in a short time!

You’re ready now! You can always contact us to get more information about Microsoft Teams.

Mert Tüfekçioğlu Marketing Specialist

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