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Please Welcome, New Microsoft Edge!

New Year, New Explorer, New Microsoft Edge We bet, you have always wondered why one of the most valuable companies around the world, Microsoft, had been a part of memes like below:

Microsoft Azure

However, it seems like Microsoft had other plans. Such company acknowledging digital transformation as a bedrock shouldn’t have been silent, obviously. So, lets give some good news: Microsoft Edge revives!

Microsoft, which was focusing on its new browser’s design working on Chromium base for high level of compatibility and performance, resurrected Microsoft Edge after announcing at the latest Microsoft Ignite. Microsoft Edge will be a platform for learning and having fun at the same time. Also, Microsoft announced that “Microsoft Edge and Bing will come along to deliver explorer and search engine experience for companies.” Then, we welcome the newest explorer!

Microsoft Edge Updates

Microsoft Edge is available for download since 15 January 2020 and will be ground-breaking for sure!

More productivity, more privacy and more value; this is what world class Microsoft Edge is all about. Besides, it allows you to design the search engine front-end design.

Is that all? Of course not! Microsoft has been expecting for this moment when perfection and performance meets finally, and new updates coming along with them:

Chromium Platform: Microsoft Edge offers higher performance and web page compatibility as it works on Chromium platform like Google Chrome and Opera engines.

Bing Search Engine Optimization: Now, you will reach the info you have been searching faster than ever. Type in the word related to the document you are searching for and reach them at the point of time.

Security Prevention: You can control who can reach your data and what they can do with it. Also, thanks to new InPrivate option, your online searches and browsing will be invisible, offering you more control over your personal data.

Collections: This feature lets you more easily collect web content, organize your research and export that content into Word and Excel so that you can use the power of those applications to analyze information and collaborate.

Multi-channel Support: It is compatible with Windows and macOS and supports more than 90 languages. Also, it supports Android and iOS devices in order to give you continuous experience.

Due to fact that Microsoft plans its processes meticulously as it releases updates frequently throughout the year, it gives you two options for installation. You can either click the link below to download today or you can wait for it to be automatically released to your device via Windows Update.

Mert Tüfekçioğlu Marketing Specialist



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