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Our Microsoft SMB Workshop Success Story is Published!

Use these Microsoft-funded demand-generation events to drive customer interest in net-new “Dark to Cloud” small and medium business (SMB) customer acquisition. These partner-led workshops have been designed by Microsoft to help you demonstrate value, build customer intent, and accelerate opportunities for Modern Work and Security.

What is a Microsoft SMB Workshop? A Microsoft SMB workshop is a 90-minute, one-to-many, partner-led demo event where customers can experience a small business scenario live in a demo tenant of Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Current workshops are available for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams Essentials.

Partners are responsible for identifying and recruiting attendees and running the event. Microsoft will provide a full workshop package, including facilitator script and supporting slide content, along with instructions to create the live demo environment. Completing all activities will make you eligible for special incentives.

How SMB Workshops are different from MCAP and MCI workshops?

Microsoft took best practices from Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program (MCAP) and Microsoft Commercial Incentive (MCI) workshops and created a new SMB-focused experience that requires less time and is expanded to enable you to invite multiple customers to one event. Similar to MCAP and MCI workshops, SMB Workshops light up the power of Microsoft 365 in a live environment that customers can experience firsthand. Finally, SMB Workshops leverage the MCAP platform for registration and incentive payouts, while all other workshops have transitioned to the new MCI portal.

For more ınformation you can visit Microsoft web page: Microsoft 365 & Security for Partners

We are very proud of this success we achieved as Makronet and on behalf of Turkey. We thank everyone who contributed.



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