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Movere is a solution of preparations of moving to cloud environment, optimization and transformation. Besides, it produces solutions to customers problems for digital transformation procedures like cyber security and IT platform discovery.

Besides that it operates to plan cloud transitions and safely optimize, monitor and analyze IT platforms. It is also a discovery solution that provides required data and analysis.

Movere‘s direct robots scan 1000 servers per-hour to catch everything that is in your IT environment. In the meantime, it transforms this information into a dynamic and customizable board. Additional to this, it analyses the data. It emphasizes the important information that IT managers require visibility and control around it.

Advantages of Movere



You can instantly monitor where your existing infrastructure and applications are, how they are used and when they operate.

Buluta Hazırlık

Preparation for Cloud

You can plan your moving to cloud process based on the existing resource and consumption usage.



Movere ARC tool enables you to optimize and transform the platforms for maximum efficiency.

Siber Güvenlik

Cyber Security

You can identify how your IT environment is used, its security hole and risks geography independent.

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