We are Veeam CSP Silver Partner which Provides Backup and Data Protection Solution!

Makronet merged with Veeam which provides uninterrupted access in multiple cloud environment! As Veeam  Silver Partner (VCSP), we are here to provide you an excellent service.

Today, a new approach is required which unites the disciplines of traditional data management and recovery, data protection and data safety. It is possible with Veeam Backup Solution to pass to behavior based management in order to make data manage itself as both smart and seamless.

You can benefit from backup, restore and replication services with Veeam. Besides, apart from physical, cloud based resources, it provides these services for all virtualized workloads. With every Veeam agreement that you have with Makronet, you will get advantageous prices and one-on-one consultancy.

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Advantages of Veeam

Akıllı Veri Yönetimi

Smart Data Management

Analiz ve Görünürlük

Analysis and Visibility

Tek Portaldan Yönetim

Management from a Single Portal

Basit Arayüzü

Simple Interface

Most Preferred Veeam Packages by Our Customers

Backup&Replication 9.5

Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 provides you with Hyper-Accessibility for all of your virtual, physical and cloud based workloads. With a single console, you can backup, recover and replicate all your applications and data fast, flexibly and safely.

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ONE 9.5

Veeam ONE provides visibility to all IT environment including virtual, physical and cloud based workloads. It detects problems in an instant on the virtual machines, physical servers and cloud based sources before the operational effect occurs.

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Backup Essentials 9.5

It provides uninterrupted running-time for all workloads from a single management console. Veeam Backup & Replication™ combines all its abilities with tracking, reporting and capacity planning functions that Veeam ONE™ provides.

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Availability Suite 9.5

It saves the data in seconds with IT service and related applications. You can turn your establishment into a Hyper- Uninterrupted Running establishment with Veeam Availability Suite for all applications, data and cloud.

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“I am backing-up my data on both physical and cloud environment with Veeam safely. Fortunately, Makronet’s offering process is less than 24 hours so that I can accelerate my job! ”

Uğur Demirci, IT Manager, Onut Taahhüt Taşımacılık İnşaat

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