Microsoft Cloud Consultancy

Microsoft Cloud Solutions authorized partners in cloud technology, we choose the best Office 365 licensing model for your company. Helps you for all migration processes such as e-mail (Exchange Online). Moreover, we provide best sales, after-sales support regarding Microsoft cloud solutions management and configuration.

In accordance with the needs of your company, we can arrange a meeting with Microsoft and visit Microsoft Office together. If you like, we can host you at Microsoft’s Technology Experience Center in order to experience Microsoft cloud solutions closely.

If you are looking for a Microsoft Azure platform that is packed with more than 100 wonderful, end-to-end tools. We help you to determine which feature fits best for your company.

With Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, your company will be ready for recovery scenarios with backup features. And producing the most optimum virtual machine and service solutions for your system.

Provide Advanced Protection with New Office 365 Features !

advanced protection

It has become important to have the right protection and tools for your devices, personal information and documents against online threats and complexities like viruses, ransomwares and phishing. Microsoft provides strong security for Office services including connection control and additional scanning for known viruses and phishing threats, encryption during transition and resting and strong antivirus protection with Windows Defender. To help individuals and families have more protection against online threats, new advanced protection features are coming to Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscribers.

With these new features, you can save your files from vicious attacks, have advanced protection against cybercrime and viruses with tools that will help you keep your information safe and confidential. File restoration, attack detection, encrypted share connections and e-mail encryption are some of these features.

File Restoration – we move our strong File Restoration on OneDrive for Business to your personal OneDrive account, so the work or your personal files are not important – they are protected in OneDrive. Restoring files helps you restore your OneDrive in the last 30 days to the former point. You can use this feature for recovery caused by mass delete by mistake, failed files, phishing or another disaster case.

Encrypted share connections – We add an extra security option for connections you share on OneDrive. In order to reach a shared file or folder you will be able to set a password and it will be necessary. This will prevent others reach your folders in case the planned recipient forwards or shares it.

E – Mail encryption – e-mail encryption on gives you an additional protection layer and it ensures your e-mail is encrypted end-to-end. Different from, some e-mail providers do not encrypt their connections and this makes it easier for the hackers cut you off and read your e-mails. When you use e-mail encryption, your e-mail remains encrypted via a safe connection; it minimizes the risk that you information is caught or leaked by hackers.

Yammer is now on your SharePoint site !

yammer integration

The new Yammer web section is now on your SharePoint intranet site for chatting. Last year, numerous integration were provided on Yammer with SharePoint. For example; when you create a Yammer group, Office 365 Group services are used in order to automatically create SharePoint team site and document library. Besides, on a Yammer post, you can easily find and add folders that are stored on OneDrive and SharePoint. And now, with the new update, a deeper integration is provided.

With the new Yammer web section, you can quickly and easily reach websites and pages with mobile compatible and configuration options that are optimized for different experiences. You can also add a group exists on Yammer to your site or create a new group. This way, you can have up-to-date flow of news and announcements in your enterprise with rich collaboration and exchange of ideas.

While adding Yammer web section from the tool set on your page, you will be able to connect a group that you choose in order to help you activate your mass. To do this;

-Choose maximum 4 message lines by choosing chats that are the most related and your group will be interested the most.

-Or prefer Yammer to choose trending chats with algorithms to introduce you mass continuously.

-Or follow the latest news in your group showing unread chats.

-Activate any worker to join your site and chat with Mobile experience.


Here comes with all the innovations! provides advanced Outlook experience with developed innovations for mail, calendar and people. From now on, improved Skype integration, e-mail filtration, all new mail display, categorization, customized inbox features are ready to use. Also, you can access your favorite users faster, add extra information to your people and use calendar shortcuts.

Mail — the new display of Mail experience will be standard to all users – no need for migration! You will have a faster performance, improved Skype integration, new ways of accessing to your favorite tools (Boomerang, Evernote and PayPal) and easier ways to categorize and filter your emails.

Calendar — All users can now try the new beta experience on Calendar. This includes a more sensitive interface and symbols that will help you add activity and identify your activities faster with only a few clicks.

People — You can try the beta experiences including a new look on People section, fast access to your favorite users and easier ways to display, organize and create people.

“Local Labelling” Support for Mac is Released for Preview

local labelling for Mac

Microsoft; as part of information protection, it provides simple and usable experiences for classification, labelling and protection regarding all device platforms and frequently used apps. Besides, for extended data protection, improvements are being done that will also support platforms other than Microsoft.

Azure Information Protection labelling feature preview is now released for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on Mac. Together with the preview, you can use Azure Information Protection on Mac platform with the same labelling and protection just as it is on Windows. With this improvement, data breach situations which require the labelling and protection of data on Mac platform can be blocked. This way, you can ensure data safety on Mac platform as well.

Office 365 Word is in Use with New Features!

office 365 word

Office 365 Word now comes with new Editor general view tab. With new Editor general view section on Word, you can see the suggested corrections, improvements and wording changes on the document. Besides, editor brings together the required tools to organize and finish your work and provides a control panel to understand the errors.

Editor general view can be used by all Office 365 subscribers. To start, you can click Check Document on Review tab.

Another new feature is Resume Assistant; it helps you prepare a nice resume on Word with customized analyses supported by LinkedIn.  Resume Assistant is brought into use on Windows for Office 365 consumer and commercial subscribers. This new feature helps jobseekers to be discovered easier, show their achievements and find the ideal job.


Cloud App Security Threat Protection is Improved

cloud app security

Cloud App Security helps you detect complex threats on your cloud applications quicker. In addition to this, it helps you speed up the screening process and give more data from our detect engine to help include going on threats. Some new policies has been triggered for an advanced administrator user experience. Each of these policies represent a different detection and usage example scenario. It gives the opportunity to focus on important alarms and determine alert priorities by lowering fake alerts with the newly added policies.  These policies will replace our “General Anomaly Detection” policies but you will still be able to see all your alert history. Besides, with newly added “User Insights”, the alert research abilities on the agenda are also improved. This includes information like the number of important alerts in a screening, user activities and the places they are connected. Now, you can easily understand the suspicious activities that the user carries out and you can make it sure if the account security is violated or not.

4 new features for Microsoft Planner

microsoft planner

The new four features added to Planner gives you the opportunity of grouping and filtering tasks, better observation of project timings, receiving the upcoming deadline notifications with e-mails and publishing your tasks to your Outlook calendar in a short time.

With spreadsheet, you can view your project timing, planning and status. You can have detailed information regarding your tasks and according to their deadlines, you can filter them with Group and Filter options. You can also use Group feature to view the tasks you haven’t started, this way you can prioritize your work. With deadline notifications feature, you can receive a notification e-mail which summarizes next week tasks. Lastly, you can have better timing and time management publishing tasks to your calendar with iCalendar. By adding your tasks to your Outlook calendar, it helps you complete your current and feature tasks without losing them and before their deadline.

Free Office 365 for educators and students

office 365 education

Office 365 Education plan is a whole of services which help to increase the collaboration in the school environment and students share homework and other works in an easy way. Any students or teachers registered to a school can benefit from Office 365 Education plan for free. You can go to and register with your school e-mail address and start using it.

All students and teachers can create Office 365 documents over cloud with Office 365 Education plan and save them on OneDrive for sharing.  With Office 365 Education plan, you can use Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, One Note, OneDrive services for free. Besides, if the school that you work has started a license subscription of Office Professional Plus or above within the Microsoft Education Solutions Agreement, additional Office 365 Education plan, you can benefit from Office 365 Pro Plus Education plan for free.




New Yammer Features are Added


New features added to Yammer which is an intercorporate social network. With “seen counts” feature on Yammer, now you will be able to see how many people viewed your chats. Only the person creates the content will be able to see chats numbers. Yammer will show group types with other feature. This feature helps users understand Yammer’s aim better. Names; while explaining group types and subscriptions, group title, create a group screen, left navigation shift give detailed information about the group. Group title; while contains a label that shows the aim of the group, you will be able to see any group type with left navigation shift.  Group type icon is shown for big groups. This is an important feature for big Yammer networks. It enables group members organize all groups. In the meantime, the names of categories can be changed. Besides, with move chats feature, it enables any user move a chat, survey or compliment to a different group in order to see the right people. Intercorporate communication will become way easier with all these new features.