Achieve Unique and Next Generation Security Against Unknown Threats with Sophos!


Sophos and Makronet is collaborating in order to provide next generation level firewall protection, automatically hidden threat revelation and detection for a better and safer infrastructure!

Sophos offers detecting, following, protecting and filtering all users connected to your company server. You can easily take your desktop computers, mobile devices, virtual serves, web and e-mail traffic under protection. Therefore, you can forbid any kind of access that are not authorized and unwanted.

Every time you make a Sophos agreement with Makronet, you will be privileged to have advantageous prices and technical consulting. In order to learn Sophos prices and most suitable packages for your company, please make a contact with us!

Advantages of Sophos

NextGen Protection

Advanced Security

Automatic Detection

Early Diagnosis

Sophos XG FIREWALL Solution

It provides advanced level of protection for your web, e-mail addresses and other servers against severe threats.

Sophos Sandstorm provides detonation and detection of suspicious payloads containing threats, malware and unwanted applications. It runs in a virtualized cloud environment and it completely frees your firewall and endpoints of any burden and enables far more rigorous and resource intensive analysis that’s just not practical any other.

Security HeartbeatTM enables you to take your web connections, computers, mobile devices and virtual servers under protection with no need to have any extra device at zero cost.

“We had never been attacked but we have been under risk. Sophos helps us to diminish that risk. Also, Makronet provides professional support with fast and advanced level of technical support.”

Hikmet Yılmaz, Accounting Manager, Ares Tankers Management

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