Security ServicesGDPR and Security Services may seem like a tough process to think about how each organization will respond to security and compliance challenges. Your company may need to make significant changes to how GDPR compliant process collects, uses and manages data.

The most critical and important of these changes is that individuals have the right to access their own information, to cleanse their data. Also they correct, or oppose their personal information. Firms are also required to protect this information. When there is a violation of data, company should notify the authorities and obtain GDPR compliance rules.

As Microsoft’s cloud partner, we are preparing you for GDPR compliance process required for your company with Microsoft Azure. Also Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security and many other Microsoft cloud products.

We care about the protection of your personal data and the security of your company information. As Makronet, we reduce your compliance risks with cloud solutions and provide permanent data protection between your platforms and applications.