What is SAM4UP?

SAM4UP is Microsoft Software Asset Management process solution. This solution increases awareness of your acquisition and improves your relationship with software vendors to meet those requirements. Also, our licensing consultants can determine the most appropriate licensing model for your company and reduce your costs. With this solution and its Dashboard, you can monitor and report your hardware and software inventory. Once a year before official Microsoft SAM auditing, you can check your licenses and identify unused software. Moreover, it is easy to get Microsoft SAM certificate with our SAM4UP solution. Start to experience our software asset management solution now.

Solutions We Offer with SAM4UP

Value -Added and Strategic Consultation

Getting value added consultations such as cloud productivity, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Optimization and so many more for your SAM process.

SAM Optimization Model

Ongoing SOM and licensing optimization consultation to move you higher level of maturity with SAM policies and procedures so governance.

Understand Your Current Environment

Understand your requirements and match those with actual capabilities in order to control and reduce your overall cost.

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