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Copilot for Information Technologies: Özgür’s 1 Day

Did you know that according to a 2022 study by email security company Tessian, 1 in 4 people were laid off for compromising company data? 

Financial losses as a result of cyber vulnerabilities originating from within the company exceed 16 million dollars per company today, and cyber security has become a situation that all employees, especially information processing units, should pay additional attention to. 

For this reason, Özgür, as the CTO of Makronet, regularly checks the necessary precautions, informs his teammates about current cyber threats and tests them periodically. Of course, being a C-level manager brings much more responsibility and sometimes Özgür can be exhausted by keeping up with all of them. 

Özgür seemed to be able to cope with all this and more workload easily lately, so we knocked on his door and asked him the secret of this job. We expected his answer to be “I am hyperactive!” as Ajda Pekkan (famous Turkish singer) said in an interview when asked how she endures all this tempo, but we were wrong because he had a more realistic answer: Microsoft Copilot

We asked Özgür how he gets his business back on track with Copilot, and here is how he summarized a day for us: 

“Being careful when planning an update is essential, but time is always limited. Copilot supports us by dealing with routine tasks so that we can pay attention to the detailed points and prevent possible disruptions.” 

Time: 7:30 AM 

“I like to come to the office before everyone else in the morning. I can sometimes miss the previous day’s emails because I’m multitasking and I can focus on that without being interrupted. Now, I’ve started to get Copilot’s support at this point.”  

Özgür asks Copilot to check his emails and chats for urgent or pending issues. He drafts responses using Copilot for Outlook. He uses the command “Summarize the events from my emails and chats yesterday” to keep track of messages he’s overlooked or missed. 


Time: 8 AM 

“When my teammates arrive, we have short daily meetings and decide on the distribution of work. Since we are a large team, it is sometimes very useful to get a summary from Copilot.” 


Özgür attends meetings to discuss the priorities of the day, and he can review questions and re-evaluate teammates’ requests by using Copilot for Teams during the meeting. With the command “If there are any unanswered questions, tell me and make some suggestions for questions that need to be asked,” he can get productive outputs both during and after the meeting. 


Time: 9 AM 

“After completing my first tasks and meetings, I can focus on the projects I am actually working on. I use Copilot to prepare a specific outlines or steps.” 

Özgür, who has resolved all system issues, makes revisions to the current project plan. In order for Copilot to fill in some missing sections, he gives the following command to Copilot for Word: “Create a paragraph about the latest tasks added from Microsoft Azure security and project documents and the progress report.” 


Time: 1:30 PM 

“There may be many technical updates on the Microsoft side and we may need to introduce service improvements to our customers immediately. Learning about these and starting to spread them immediately is very critical for us. Copilot is very efficient in terms of creating workflows.” 


Özgür creates analyses and workflows with Copilot based on product documentation or analyses. After the command “Create an analysis of the latest services and service health reports added to the Microsoft 365 platform, then create new workflows about critical situations,” he prepares a presentation of the workflow with the command “Prepare a presentation based on this flow.” 


Time: 3 PM 

“It is actually very difficult to calculate my day approximately because as a technical unit, urgent problems may arise suddenly. That is why I like to follow my other work with Copilot while dealing with urgent situations.” 


Özgür sometimes encounters server problems and needs to focus all his attention on this problem. In the meantime, he gets support from Copilot for Teams in order to follow up on the meetings he missed. “Summarize the meeting, report key points and action items,” he never misses a meeting with the command. 



Time: 4 PM 

“Just like the favorite rhythm of computers is algorithm (laughs – we laugh too because it’s salary raise season), my favorite rhythm is that calm tempo that slowly comes to the end of the day. I complete my small tasks and do research for internal company needs, of course on Copilot for Edge.” 


At the end of the day, Özgür can re-evaluate the company’s technological needs or his own projects. He uses Copilot for Microsoft on Edge to research new devices before purchasing a new laptop. With the command “What are the most popular laptops for corporate companies this year,” he gets a report on the best laptops for company employees. 


Start Using Copilot Now 

This is how Özgür spends his day. Like 76% of people, Özgür can easily use artificial intelligence for administrative work. Copilot is always there for Özgür – even when he’s cracking ‘sweet’ jokes 😊  

You can get inspired by Özgür’s experiences with Copilot and learn how to use Copilot in the best way possible by attending training sessions offered by Makronet. Keep following our blog to be informed about new adventures at Makronet and not miss more scenarios related to Copilot. 

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