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Palo Alto and Makronet is collaborating to provide next generation security solution offering real time information sharing and control by categorizing the traffic passing through devices and cloud infrastructure as application, user and content-based.

Palo Alto will be securing your traffic and consolidating your security against known or unknown threats by activating applications for local, mobile and remote users or groups while your company keeps growing. You can have advantages of integrated security application against attacks and automated platform eliminating disconnected point.

Every time you make a Palo Alto agreement with Makronet, you will be privileged to have advantageous prices and technical consulting. In order to learn Palo Alto prices and most suitable packages for your company, please make a contact with us!

Advantages of Palo Alto

Global Threat Protection

Total Visibility and Consistent Proteciton

Flexible Deployment

Continuous Management and Analysis

The Most Preferred Palo Alto Packages by Our Customers


Provides complete visibility and context of an organization’s multi-cloud deployments to fully understand risk and compliance. Integrates with external and cloud-native vulnerability services to continuously scan your environment for unpatched hosts, especially those exposed to the internet.



Stops malware, exploits and ransomware by observing attack techniques and behaviors. Uses machine learning and AI to automatically detect and respond to sophisticated attacks.
Includes WildFire® malware prevention service to improve accuracy and coverage.



Instantly find and stop attacks with a fully automated platform that simplifies security. Gives visibility and prevention across data center, branch, mobile and cloud, so you can protect consistently. Provides tools and resources that help you adopt industry scale best practices.


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