What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that integrates all Office programs you are already using at work. Growing technology causes increase in your work load as well as your corporate data. Thanks to this product, you can save your files on cloud, reach them whenever and wherever you wish. Moreover, if you work on your files offline, it will be automatically transferred to the cloud as soon as you have access to internet.

Office 365 enables tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint work integrated. They include monthly updates, the most advanced features and security. Furthermore, they are integrated to other Microsoft products like Teams, SharePoint and Kaizala. For instance, you can share a file on Microsoft Teams and collaborate online with your co-workers. Office 365 diminishes the time you put into work, so that you can complete many tasks in shorter time period. Thus, the less work-load you have, the more time-saving you are going to achieve!

Office 365 Advantages

Office 365 İş Birliği


You can achieve effective team chat, online meeting, safe file sharing and internal communication features and more.

Office 365 Güvenilirlik


Gain more control over security and compatibility with built-in privacy, transparency and improved customer audition.

Office 365 Makine Zekası

Machine Learning

Gather impressive and simple reports with live data tracking and corporate analysis tools.

Office 365 Mobil

Mobile Usage

Reach your content from anywhere and make changes on them with mobile applications.

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