Cloud technology is getting more important due to rapid development of information technologies. Companies should invest in information technologies as much as they do in human workforce. The main reasons are high cost of human capital and management, security and accessibility vulnerabilities of big data. However, all companies have different cloud migration process. This process might be problematic for some companies, or companies may not decide where to begin.

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If we consider as cloud migration is a path, every company has different start points and milestones. At this point, it is important to take consultancy. Deciding to have consultancy is as significant as finding the most appropriate consultant company.


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We are one of the most qualified partners that Microsoft work together about Cloud Consultancy. We are managing all Microsoft 365, Office 365 and e-mail migrations in favor of you.  This consultancy process starts with visit of our sales and technic team to you. The most suitable products and services are being found with in-place analysis. Then, budgeting is taking place and finally, we present our solutions to your approval. Moreover, we offer management-improvement services with after sales team. Therefore, we find out the best licensing model for you and give a start to cloud migration. Finally, we examine your compatibility and productivity periodically, and provide many training in order you to improve your skills.

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In accordance with the needs of your firm, we visit you with someone in charge from Microsoft Turkey. Also, we welcome you at Microsoft Technology Center at Microsoft Turkey, and let you experience live cloud experience. With our most competent team, we are trying hard and meticulously to eliminate all question marks in your head.

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Besides Microsoft 365 cloud consultancy, we also offer Azure consultancy for you to achieve more successful and reliable job experience. We analyze your system in depth in order to find out the most suitable tools inside Microsoft Azure among more than 100 tools. With detailed problem analysis and point-shot solutions, we create a guideline which is the most efficient for your company. Thus, we manage the adaptation process and clear your path for a better working environment.

The most vital part of our Azure Consultancy is security of data. With this manner, we are getting you ready to disaster recovery scenarios with Azure Site Recovery. Our talented Technic team offers Azure Panel Support including Server Adding and Closing, Scheduling, Authorizing, Network Accessibility Management and more.  Moreover, we create the most optimal virtual machines and solutions in need of your system.

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