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microsoft azure

Microsoft Azure IAAS Price Policies

We tried to answer questions such as ‘what is cloud, what is Azure etc.’ on both our blogs and webinars. However; there’s a question that needs to be answered which is, how much should you pay to Azure for the storage you use?

endüstri 5.0

What is Industry 5.0?

The Industry 5.0 concept we have heard since 2017 is growing with the idea of technology for the society. In the world of technology, there are those who think that this is not a threat, but a development that makes human life easier, or vice versa.

siber güvenlik

Microsoft 365 Cyber Security

Today, in our digital world, there are excessive threats whether we consider or not. That the threats have severe effects, it is certain that they are powerful enough to get target to your private data. Thus, we all are agreed on admitting the fact that cyber security is the primary concern, indispensably.

What are the actions we can take?


Introducing, Hologram Technology

What is hologram technology? How is it created? Where do we see this technology? Click for details!

Dijital dönüşüm

Digitalization has just Begun

When was the last time you have listened to music from CD? When did you read an abstract article? What was the latest movie you have watched in a cinema?


PowerPoint 365 Update with AI

There is no more stress thanks to the newest update introducing the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Microsoft's PowerPoint 365!

koşullu erişim

Conditional Access is on Microsoft 365 Business

Conditional Access policies where you can control your data’s usage are coming to Microsoft 365 Business! Therefore, SMB customers will be under more advanced security.


Keeping Up With Generations and Global Dynamics

Technology is continuously developing and it is crucial to keep up with changing global working dynamics. Years are passing so fast and new generations are coming.

Microsoft 365 Kullanım Analizi

Microsoft 365 Usage Analysis

In this Microsoft 365 usage analysis, you will learn how to track Office 365 insights graphically, share reports with your company or see specific...


Are You Still Non-Cloud?

Team working and communication is the bedrock of every company. In today’s world, people are spread all around the world like they have never been before.