What is FastTrack?

FastTrack is a successful service which makes moving to Microsoft cloud services seamless and safe. If you have Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscriptions, you can benefit from FastTrack without any additional fee along with your subscription.

Microsoft FastTrack service can help you with these things:

Excellent Experience

You can get end to end guidance that is provided by Microsoft engineers or partners. You can complete your moving to Cloud scenerio with a safe service. You can reach your roadmap in order to benefit from Microsoft products the best way possible.

Success Story

Continued success in Cloud services depend on the usage and satisfaction. By working with FastTrack team, you can start the moving process, prepare your environment and obtain a project plan. You can create your success story and complete the digital transformation.

Fast Communication

Without any additional fee, you can benefit from the processes that will support successful deliveries by quickly accessing the best methods of FastTrack. You can access the best methods that will provide the delivery plannings and contact FastTrack engineers.

Quickly Start Discovering the FastTrack Service


We provide you with resources, tools and the best methods that will enable successful cloud delivery plannings and build a Success Plan suitable to your business.


You can get customized support from our FastTrack engineers to provide you with a seamless subscription and moving process by analyzing your technical environment.


As Makronet, we offer the best solution plan that will help you benefit from all the resources and quidance which you can access with FastTrack.

With Makronet

Microsoft Support
Cost free
Experienced Team
Adding Value to your Firm

With Microsoft

Safe Passage
Successful delivery
Access to the best Resource
Quick Start-up

Prominent FastTrack Services


Makes team work easier. It is a complete chat and online meeting solution. It enables you to have an integrated collaboration with Office 365.


Being a corporate social network, it creates an open communication environment for transperency in relationships. It brings together the shared topics within the frame of interest or application.

SharePoint Online

It helps you continue the work by quickly enabling access to your team sites, organization portal and resources and people you work together.

Other FastTrack Services

It helps you protect your information with advanced features. With 99,9 % guaranteed operation time, your e-mail accounts work anytime anywhere with mail filtering features.

It provides productive, safe and always up-to-date features. It provides a service access that includes more services than the ones within Office 2019.

It offers managing opportunities for all mobiles and computers that are suitable to your firm’s needs. It sets detailed application rules for data access and safety.

Azure Active Directory Premium provides cloud focused application access and self-service identity management solutions. Enables access to cloud features seamlessly.

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