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We are the winner of "Worldwide Microsoft SAM Partner of the Year 2019"

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Worldwide SAM Partner of the Year
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Makronet Services

Makronet builds the most suitable services and modern working methods for you. In addition to  Office 365 , Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud Solutions, we offer you Software Asset Management consulting. Also, General Data Protection Regulation security services meet your company’s needs.

Microsoft Cloud Consultancy

Makronet creates professional solutions for your company. These solutions are sales, after - sales support and consulting services for all Microsoft Cloud Products.

Microsoft SAM Consultancy

Software Asset Management (SAM) optimizes your existing assets. With our SAM consultancy service, you can benefit from cost savings resulting from a good SAM plan.

GDPR & Security Services

With Microsoft's reliable cloud infrastructure, we help you to meet your GDPR compliance goals. Also protecting your privacy from a single system.

GDPR & Security Services

FastTrack is a successful service which makes moving to Microsoft cloud Services. You can benefit from FastTrack without any additional fee along with your subscription.

Business Partners

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Our Solutions

In addition to our other services such as  Office 365,  Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and SAM Consulting, Makronet provides safe cloud infrastructure, licensing and management for your company with our Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Like MyAdmin, MyScore.Center, Node Insight and SAM4UP.


MyAdmin is a self-service Microsoft cloud products, security, licensing and solution management portal. You can manage Office 365 and Microsoft 365 licensing from single channel, management of your region / cost and billing process. Separate invoices per regions on single tenant. Also, define region monthly budget limit and run authorize workflow if region exceed the limit.


MyScore Center

MyScoreCenter is portal that helps for Microsoft Partners to monitor, analyze and improve their customers’ Secure Scores from a single panel. At the same time they can take easier and faster action for their customers.


Node Insight

Node Insight is a cybersecurity monitoring and asset management solution that fully integrates with Microsoft Teams and Azure Active Directory. Node Insight leverages Microsoft Secure Score and Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to provide deeper visibility to admins for all users and devices in an organisation.



SAM managed service is a continual, governance-based, outsourced service which helps customers more effectively manage their software assets. It helps customers by achieving deep data insights to drive better business strategy alignment, compliance, software and license optimization. Moreover, it provides complete view of their infrastructure to drive real-time IT decisions throughout software and related asset lifecycle management.


Intelligent Cloud Edge

Innclo is an intelligent cloud edge connecting you to many services on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 simply, safely and less costly.


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