“Thanks to MyAdmin, we had the chance to get to know the products of Microsoft better, test them, conduct workshops, and took precautions by noticing our security vulnerabilities.”

Galata Transportation, which is an international transportation and logistics company for 25 years now, takes its digital transformation processes one step further with MyAdmin. They can now easily manage their Microsoft 365 and Azure subscriptions and they can also experience new products and services with Microsoft workshops, both at the same time, thanks to MyAdmin. They conduct important processes through MyAdmin in order to increase the Microsoft Secure Score and the awareness of corporate cyber security.

Security vulnerabilities were prevented.
Murat Kürtün, who is the IT Manager of Galata Transportation, answered the questions of our Marketing Executive, Mert Tüfekçioğlu, on the Microsoft Teams interview we have conducted. Galata Transportation, which has been using the cloud technologies actively for many years now, stated that they did not know how to use Microsoft 365 and Azure services efficiently before: “Microsoft has a wide range of products. In this case, we thought the question: “Are we using the right license?” and we could not be sure whether we were adapting to these products in a right way.” Kürtün also mentioned the importance they attach to security by continuing: “Especially security is highly significant for us. This year, we will have more investments for increasing the security of our environment. Because we are an international company, we have to obey some international regulations. For this, we really need to work hard.”

Full compliance with the regulations were achieved.
Thanks to the Adaptation Center, MyAdmin users are able to analyze the workshops of Microsoft, join them, and analyze the transcriptions of these processes in a detailed way. Murat Kürtün states that they were able to experience the Microsoft products and services closely and achieve their regulation compatibility with the transcriptions of these workshops.

Kürtün mentioned that they upgraded their licenses to the better ones, containing stronger security services, with “Upgrade & Win” campaign, thanks to Win with Cloud and that they are planning to eliminate their cyber security vulnerabilities in this way. Kürtün stated that MyAdmin is more than a digital platform by saying: “We used some of the money points we gained by upgrading our licenses as an invoice discount, saved some to get new products, and donate some to the non-governmental organizations, which is a subject that we attach foremost importance to and are active in, as Galata Transportation. It was a delightful process for everyone.”

Microsoft Secure Score was improved, and contracts became completely digital.
They are also interested in Security Center and making use of the workshops thanks to the Adaptation center of Galata Transportation, earning money points by attending campaigns, and use these money points as an invoice discount, new license budgeting, or as donations.

Kürtün stated that it is extremely useful to monitor his Microsoft Secure Score easily thanks to the Security center and delightful to gamify this process: “It is both fun and engaging for us to monitor our Microsoft secure score, increase it, strengthen our cyber security posture, and to gamify this process. We have noticed the missing secure score optimizations thanks to gamifications.”

Lastly, it is a critical operation for both companies to keep track of the contracts that are updated by Microsoft. Kürtün stated that they are happy that their MCA contracts are fully digital and continued by drawing attention to the compatibility of the MCA platform: “Thanks to MyAdmin, we can monitor our contracts with both Microsoft and Makronet digitally; and it is so important for us. Thus, we can easily hand out these information and its content to our managers.”