Manage Your Microsoft Secure Score with MyScore

We would love to introduce you to our new service which we launched on 22nd of January: MyScore!

Before we represent MyScore to you, it would be appropriate to remind you Microsoft’s Secure Score service. Secure Score is a service which indicates the security measures of Office 365 users and shows them how to make their system infrastructure more secure. We would like to remind you that only Global Admins can view the secure score which is maximum points of 450. Whenever you fix a security gap, your secure score will change accordingly to the relevant selection.

What is MyScore?

Security issue has always been a sore point of every corporate companies. We all are aware of the importance of security but not sure where to start at the end of the day. On the other hand, we think about the time and the cost which makes it even more complicated than before. Makronet came to your rescue right at this point!

MyScore is a security consultancy solution which is designed specifically for Makronet clients. It is a service which helps our clients, who have Office 365 subscription, to view, analyze and improve their security status.


MyScore Advantages

Even though it reminds of Secure Score, MyScore actually gives you lots of advantages. Although Microsoft Secure Score report shows your security status, it doesn’t offer a consultancy or share any content including the actions you should take. You may have to make a decision on your own at the end of the day.


MyScore enables you to save time, cost and effort. After finding out your secure score, a report will have been shared with you, followed by the actions you should take. You can demand updating in terms of work load or end-user impact. We take care of the rest of the situation.


We can divide the advantages, which have been offered to you within the service, in two as Microsot Partner Advantages and Client Advantages:

Microsoft Partner Advantages

  • Keep track of all your clients’ security status on a panel,
  • Add client and service based enhancement notes,
  • Plan secure score applications,
  • Obtain fast retroactive reports and analyses,
  • Demand consultancy to improve security status.

Client Advantages

  • Take advantage of quick installation and access,
  • Benefit from best M365 security services,
  • Perform necessities of regulations such as GDPR,
  • Receive your reports quickly and view the updated version,
  • Filter by work load and end-user impact.

MyScore is a service which runs specific to our clients and it is completely free! You can contact us if you want to get information about our service and carry out your security measure now.

If you are a client of Makronet, you can start benefiting from our MyScore service by clicking the link below.


Mert Tüfekçioğlu
Marketing Specialist