Are You Ready for Microsoft Teams Updates?

Microsoft Teams is ready to offer lots of opportunities to you. Because Skype for Business had been end-of-support, we said goodbye to Skype for Business and said hello to Teams.
We compiled 6 important update for you. Let’s take a closer look at these new updates.

1. Microsoft Teams Private Channel

By using this feature, you can make authorizations within your channels located in your teams. If specific people take part in specific projects, you can only count relevant people in the channel.


2. Multi-window

Thanks to the multiwindow feature, we will be able to open chats, meetings, calls and documents in different windows. In other words, it’s a great feature especially for multi-tasking and productivity.

3. Using Task

You will be able to carry out your tasks, which were assigned to you through Planner, along with the ones on Outlook in cooperation.

4. Using Yammer

We can relax now ? Finally, you can see your popular Yammer groups on Teams by integrating Yammer with Teams. Thus, especially Yammer users in crowded businesses can easily manage inner and outer organization correspondences.

5. Log in with SMS

We will be able to login with SMS instead of e-mail. Specifically, logging in with SMS can be useful for some of the employees.

6. Using Walkie Talkie with Teams

Teams will be used as a Walkie Talkie which can operate with Wi-Fi or cellular data. In other words, this update seems like it will annihilate the disadvantages standard analog wirelesses have by offering an instant, secure and clear communication alternative.

We follow the new updates added by Teams and love seeing it improve every day. Clearly, Microsoft will invest in and popularize its new favorite product. Although, I didn’t count it in here, all the premium features of Kaizala will be integrated in Teams. Everything changes rapidly with the sense of digitalization and building modern workplace. I hope you started to keep up with that.

P.S: Microsoft has shared a video recently about how much businesses economized with Teams. I would love to share it with you. Here is Teams with numbers…


Nihan Yazgan Kunduracı, Marketing Executive