Where is Industry 5.0 positioned in the future?

Industry 5.0 (Society 5.0), let’s take you here. When we were talking about Industry 4.0 yesterday, now we are questioning where this comes from, I can say that you are not alone!
As technology evolves and continues to be present at every moment of our lives, we inevitably question how much technology can affect our lives. There is only one truth we know but it is cliché, the only thing that doesn’t change is change. We change with technology. At this point, let us briefly recall the industrial revolutions before mentioning the starting point of the Industrial 5.0 concept and its impact on our lives:

Industry 1.0: Water and steam power discovered. 1780s.
Industry 2.0: The discovery of electricity has taken place and mass production has begun. 1880s.
Industry 3.0: Digital and electronic devices entered our lives. 1980s.
Industry 4.0: Cyber, physical systems come into play. The Internet of Things has become a part of our lives. 2010s.
Industry 5.0: Unmanned technologies for society. Technology should be perceived as a helper, not a threat. 2017 – Today

What is happening in the world of technology right now?

The Industry 5.0 concept we have heard since 2017 is growing with the idea of technology for the society. You may have heard of ‘super smart society’ news on mainstream or social media: Unmanned aerial vehicles, artificial intelligence autonomous systems, humanoid robots… In the world of technology, there are those who think that this is not a threat, but a development that makes human life easier, or vice versa.

Especially with the understanding of Industry 5.0, humanoid robots are developing day by day to fulfill all human functions. It is even planned to build robots that can repair, reprogram and control by robots. They will all be able to upload data to the cloud and communicate between themselves.

Why are Robots Important for Industry 5.0?

Of course, first of all we need to clarify that Industry 5.0 is not just about the development of humanoid robots. However, robots in particular, play an important role in this technology.
As for the reason, the answer is clear: the world is getting older, the aging world population is increasing, and the labor force is decreasing. On the other hand, technology and the world are growing at the same speed. In a sense, all this has led people to seek new solutions. Can we say that the solution to these problems is the common life of human and artificial intelligence?
Can we move from the information society to a super smart society with the robot-human cooperation? My comment yes, we can but first we need to consider:

We have to take into account the ethical dimensions of the legal system, the elimination of the obstacles, the scientific gaps in the digitalization and the lack of qualified personnel.

Nihan Yazgan Kunduracı, Marketing Executive