The Smartest Walking Stick: WeWalk

The cars parking on sidewalks,
Violating traffic signals,
Crossing pedestrian zones and causing other problems.

It is important to overcome some obstacles in the world where making empathy is getting harder. Although it is just a matter of moment to define some concepts for us, it may not be the same for blind people: Taking a walk, checking road while crossing, getting on and off the bus and so on. In other words, we might normalize the word whereas others consider it as luxury: Freedom. Have you ever wondered what people do in favor of blind people for this privilege and how effective they are?

Fortunately, we have good news! A step has been taken in the tech world for an unhindered life. While we have been talking about artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), cloud technologies and jumping robots; a simple, innovative and social benefit providing product has just arrived, WeWalk. It remains its mystery about how this ground-breaking product will change blind people’s life and what kind of after-innovations we will see. Let’s talk about WeWalk’s legendary advantages.

What is WeWalk?

WeWalk is world’s smartest walking stick designed by Vestel and Young Guru Academy (YGA) in favor of blind people. Moreover, It won ‘Golden Award’ in Edison Awards, which is dedicated to Thomas Edison, under the category of ‘Health and Good Life’ in 2018. Recently, it is in the list of ‘The Best Invention of 2019’ by Time Magazine.


What Kind of Advantages It Provides?

The working principle of WeWalk is easier than you think. It provides plenty of advantages to its users through obstacle detection, phone pairing and integrations.

Obstacle Detection: It detects obstacles above chest and head level with ultrasonic sensors. When something triggers the sensors, it warns the user by vibrating.

Pairs with Phone: After downloading WeWalk application to the phone, it pairs with the walking stick through Bluetooth. After, actions such as opening and closing navigation can be done on the stick.

Evolves with Integrations: Each integration applied to WeWalk brings new features. Now, it is integrated with Alexa and Google Maps, and it gives audio notifications.

Before giving our last words, we are leaving a warm video. Microsoft Turkey Accessibility Test Leader Duygu Kayaman and WeWalk co-founder Kürşat Ceylan are talking about the product. Thus, you can learn more about the product and witness how it is going to change people life, for now and ever!

Technology is at its best when it touches human life, isn’t it?

Mert Tüfekçioğlu

Marketing Specialist