Is Your Security Enough?

We are coming up with some questions when it is security: Has the IT department taken the necessary precautions; how efficient they implemented and dispersed; is it compatible with GDPR; and the most importantly, what does security really mean?

We must be sensitive toward our corporate security as much as private security. That is to say many cyber threats are similar to each other, the corporate data has impact on general than particular. Therefore, we ought to find out the hazardous threats and create solutions addressing them.

Today, in our digital world, there are excessive threats whether we consider or not. That the threats have severe effects, it is certain that they are powerful enough to get target to your private data. Thus, we all are agreed on admitting the fact that cyber security is the primary concern, indispensably.

What are the actions we can take?

Get Secured, Now!

Let’s talk about several protections we can obtain. First, you should strive to realize any channels in which threats can use to spread through. Secondly, revitalize any solutions preempting the malware and phishing mails. Therefore, Microsoft 365 provides vigorous security solutions which are detecting and pointing out any exposed areas, and offering the most suitable and efficient way outs:

• Use cloud-based classifying, labeling and protecting solutions. You can have your e-mails and documents labeled for easier management, and automatize it.
• Control all of your mobile devices and applications. You can assign different rules to corporate or private devices for a better protection.
• Use identity management applications. You can easily track user interactions and other suspicious activities and make identity-based managements.
• Foster machine learning. So, allow the artificial intelligence add value to your company by developing proactive threat algorithms and protection methods.
• Enhance the reporting system. Acquire advanced reporting tools for threats, follow up GDPR processes and examine the extend of the damage for creating specific protection channels.

I hear that you began to say, “Easier to say, harder to implement,”. Thankfully, Microsoft has already taken action regarding all of those entries above. Microsoft 365 Security is standing at attention in order to get you completed your digitalization safely. By contacting us today, you can have more detailed information and get meticulously prepared offers for your company!

Göktuğ Yıldırım
Customer Success Specialist