What is Hologram?

Remember the movie winning 6 Academy awards in 1977, Star Wars: A New Hope. Leia Organa was trying to send a message to Obi-Wan Kenobi through the R2D2 droid in order to save her planet, Alderaan, from The Empire. Therefore, she imported her video into the droid. After, the droid met Luke Skywalker in another galaxy, and the action begins with the reflection of hologram! Do you still remember the reaction you have given at the moment you have seen the hologram system for the first time?

42 years later since the movie came out, the Vice president of Microsoft, Julia White, made an appearance at Microsoft Inspire 2019 event. Her holographic view on the stage brought excitement and amazement along together. Click the link below in order to reach the stunning video and experience the innovative presentation.

How Does Hologram Work?

Actually, hologram is a system in which 3D pictures are transferred into multiple environments through laser technology. The beam-splitter divides the light beam when it hits. After the lens fractures one of them, it lights up the object. The other one falls on the photographic plate after being fractured by the mirror. Hence, when the two light rays reverberate to the panel, a permanent model occurs.hologram

Additionally, an other light is reflected to the panel directly. The two laser rays crossing at the same point create the 3D image of the object on the recording panel. That the system works excellently, it is the same wherever you take a look at it, but not possible to touch it.

Yes, there is a pre-recording system. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to create simultaneous hologram; however, many countries have been taking steps in order to use this advantageous innovation. Don’t get surprised when you face an option allowing you to attend meetings virtually!

Where Can We See Hologram Technology?

Fortunately, many sectors have already been using hologram technology. For example, it is possible for an architect to see the his 3D version of the building template. In health sector, surgeons are using hologram technology during operations: They take the picture of the patient, then doctors show the “after” image of the body to the patient. Thus, you can see the “before-after” pictures before the surgery.

On the other hand, Microsoft has released a new product: HoloLens. This device, which was used by Julia White during her presentation, is working integrated with Windows 10. It enables you to see the holographic pictures in front of your eyes and control them with your hands. You can design anything and print them out through 3D writers with no need of second device.  forecasted that this technology could be used during surgeries.

As I have mentioned in my previous blog, digitalization has started. We wish you have a digital world with fruitful advantages without losing humanistic emotions!

Mert Tüfekçioğlu
Marketing Specialist