Digitalization has just Begun!

When was the last time you have listened to music from CD?

When did you read an abstract article?

What was the latest movie you have watched in a cinema?

We are not aware of the fact that we have been living in a digitalized world for such a long time. When you consider your life, you will realize that watching a movie, listening to music, reading a book or even attending an event is nearly digital. Grab your phone and imagine for a second: Spotify music; Netflix movie; Amazon shopping; Airbnb hotel; Kindle book; Turkcell Dergilik dominated hard-copy media sectors. Is there anyone who haven’t ordered a meal through YemekSepeti? Are there people who check their phone index for a taxi rather than BiTaksi application finding you fastest and nearest taxis?

Let’s remember the famous quote said in BC 4th century by Heraclitus: “There is nothing permanent except change.” If we adopt this manner to the recent world sight, it is crystal clear that digital transformation is inevitable. It is an obligation to live with digitalization rather than preference in a world where holograms steps forward on stages, robots jumping 3600 around themselves and joining concerts with VR tools.

3 Steps to be Successful

With the help of those 3 steps we are going to mention, you will be having some tips and tricks to be successful with digitalization. Thanks to technology offering dozens of advantages, you can start your digital transformation today!

  • Use Cloud Technologies

You can reach your data from anywhere and whenever you wish and make changes with your co-workers at the same time. Also, you can secure your data with high performance and low costs.

  • Change Your Social Media Strategy

Every post has its own life span from 20 minutes to 48 hours, depending on the social media tool. That is why you should revise your social media strategy in order to build a good view of your company. Check your post hours, content and styling, then optimize them. You will realize the difference after little touches!

  • Create Digital Experiences

Start promoting your products and services on digital platforms. You can create informative and educative contents. Keep your website up to date and put some interactive elements; so that you will prove that you are more than just a provider!

Bonus: Accelerate Your Process with Microsoft Products and Services

You can contact us in order to get benefit from Microsoft products and services adding value to both customers and you. Thus, start your digital transformation and learn how to deal with it!

The ones who underestimate the power of digitalization are sentenced to be unseated whereas others gather bountiful advantages. It is your decision to choose your side.

Digitalization has just begun, are you ready?

Mert Tüfekçioğlu
Marketing Specialist – Makronet