PowerPoint is Stronger with Artificial Intelligence!

There is no more stress thanks to the newest update introducing the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Microsoft’s PowerPoint 365!
We have been doing hundreds of presentations since the days of we were students. However, it is a fact that feeling of frustration remains the same. Mostly, it is another concern that we are not totally make sure whether our content and style is appropriate enough. Do you still feel nervous when you make a presentation? Are you questioning yourself such as “Is my content reliable? Should I have changed the style?” Don’t worry, Microsoft has good news for you! Fortunately, Microsoft PowerPoint 365 maximizes its power with AI; it prepares your presentation in favor of you!

Advantages of PowerPoint 365

You can maximize efficiency and creativity in your company with the recent AI update coming to PowerPoint. Therefore, eliminate every question mark in your head! Sky is the limit when you are working with PowerPoint365 which is the product enhancing your creativity skills provided by Office 365. Let us highlight some of the things you can achieve:

– QuickStarter automatically adds the most suitable images to your slides and offers other pictures, documents and icons.
– It provides special designs and schemes according to your logo.
– PowerPoint Designer helps you to understand statistics by adding perspectives.

There is more! You can have many different training by clicking the link directing you to the free training portal provided by Microsoft.

We would like to give you 1 Tip before conclusion: Mobile Remote Controller

– After downloading PowerPoint app to your mobile devices, you should synchronize it with the device you are presenting through. Then, you can use your mobile device as laser controller, make instant changes and mesmerize everyone!

There is no place in your presentations for fear, anxiety and frustration thanks to PowerPoint 365 enhanced with AI. We are creating, you are presenting!

If you would like to have more information about Office 365 packages, you can contact to us anytime you want.