Conditional Access policies where you can control your data’s usage are coming to Microsoft 365 Business! Therefore, SMB customers will be under more advanced security. The Conditional Access policies for Microsoft 365 Business users is the same with Azure Active Directory Premium P1 users.

It might be a concern that your employees can access confidential data of your company through their undetected personal devices. Moreover, it is another trouble that the data they had in their storage and applications before they quit the job remains existing. Today, the whole data is stored on cloud and it must be reachable by employees from anywhere and whenever they want. Therefore, conditional access policies are effective in order to limit and forbid undesired accesses. You can decide who is reaching the data from which place. Also, you can maintain secure access through controlling users’ Office 365 usage locations, times and other dynamics.

You can configure Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Conditional Access principles. In other words, you can examine whether a user opened an account on known place in order to reach company source has the same right to reach them. Thus, a user logged on from unauthorized place will have to be authenticating through MFA before starting access.

You can reach this advanced security solution specially crafted for companies having Microsoft 365 Business and employees less than 300. By contacting us, you can learn more information about Conditional Access.