Keeping Up With Generations and Changing Global Working Dynamics

Technology is continuously developing and it is crucial to keep up with changing global working dynamics. Years are passing so fast and new generations are coming. Celebrating millennium was like yesterday, now it is 2019. Therefore, it affects new generations and work environment entirely and even human resources activities are set accordingly. We face every member of generations from X to Z in today’s office standards. However, does it still have the same working habits we used to have?

While talking about modern workplace changes, we should also mention statistics. Now, social media is used around 45% in companies. Moreover, besides computers, we are using tablets, job and personal mobile phones and other devices; counting 3 or 4 devices monthly! It has become a struggle to work synchronized. According to the statistics, 5 generations are working together now and 72% of them will be working out of office by 2020. The most important thin is that there are double times more teams and employees are spending their 80% of time for team working. Isn’t it quite much? Don’t you think that spending that much time to only synchronization is a big obstacle for efficiency?

All Abroad !

If you do some researches on the internet, you will find out tens of new applications, communication solutions and collaboration software. Probably, your biggest disadvantage will be being unsure about how to and when to use them, and adapting to generations. That’s why Microsoft invests enormously in this subject. For instance, the beginning of the end of Skype for Business, acquisition of Yammer, Teams driven 2 years ago becoming one of the fastest growing service and SharePoint Online eliminating borders between teams and their duties are the evidences of this new era. Therefore, Microsoft turned into a business model teaching its partners for dissemination and change management, encouraging adding more value to firms and promoting them.

There is no turning back! We must go forward constantly and put the things generations have brought us into our job and personal life. Are you going to be dispersed by this top trend’s wind or sail towards the future faster? Well, it is simple, then, all abroad!

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Microsoft Global Program Manager, Eren YAY