windows 10

Windows 10 users now have the Office app! The Office application provides a simple experience that helps users quickly reach what they need. It is free for anyone using a valid version of Windows 10. Users office can use this app with a current version of Windows 10 in their school, home and business.

Now you can get to the Office desktop apps if installed on your device in addition to the web apps on Office Online, access files stored on your local device in addition to OneDrive and SharePoint, use it while working offline.The Office application offers users a lot of convenience. You can access all your Office applications regardless of whether they are installed on your device. You can easily see every Office app available to you by clicking on “Explore all your apps” under the menu of commonly used apps on the home screen. Also, you can see the Office applications that you can use and get information about them. You can also have quick access to your documents in one place.

In addition, some features were added to IT administrators. It is possible for users to access third-party applications using the AAD via the Office application. Also, by enabling Microsoft Search, users can submit documents and applications with a single search experience to find documents and contacts in the organization.