sharepoint and teams

Now you can create a new post on SharePoint and share it in any of the platforms. Click “Create News” on Office 365 SharePoint site, then starting with frequently visited sites list, choose where you want to post the news. When you choose the site, you directly go to the site’s newsletter. Give a title, add your content from constantly expanding web components set and start making news.

Additional to that, Microsoft Teams integration is provided. SharePoint is also a content service for Microsoft Teams. Now, it is possible to use SharePoint tab for adding page, news article and lists as tabs on Microsoft Teams channels. The result is just like you see it on a browser, it is like integrated as tab on a channel. With contents; you can get into complete interaction including sorting and displays for lists, filtering reports on Power BI web section and video viewing on Microsoft Stream web section. With this integration, you can add pages or news articles using SharePoint tab and share latest news with your team with Teams. Moreover, you will be able to send every news article posted to your team and start a conversation.

Besides, you can send SharePoint news via Outlook for all the workers access and participation. Choose specific news items from the complete list of news articles of your site. Add a person or group to “To:” line, for context add a simple message and click “Send”. This way, news on SharePoint can be send as mail.