advanced protection

It has become important to have the right protection and tools for your devices, personal information and documents against online threats and complexities like viruses, ransomwares and phishing. Microsoft provides strong security for Office services including connection control and additional scanning for known viruses and phishing threats, encryption during transition and resting and strong antivirus protection with Windows Defender. To help individuals and families have more protection against online threats, new advanced protection features are coming to Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscribers.

With these new features, you can save your files from vicious attacks, have advanced protection against cybercrime and viruses with tools that will help you keep your information safe and confidential. File restoration, attack detection, encrypted share connections and e-mail encryption are some of these features.

File Restoration – we move our strong File Restoration on OneDrive for Business to your personal OneDrive account, so the work or your personal files are not important – they are protected in OneDrive. Restoring files helps you restore your OneDrive in the last 30 days to the former point. You can use this feature for recovery caused by mass delete by mistake, failed files, phishing or another disaster case.

Encrypted share connections – We add an extra security option for connections you share on OneDrive. In order to reach a shared file or folder you will be able to set a password and it will be necessary. This will prevent others reach your folders in case the planned recipient forwards or shares it.

E – Mail encryption – e-mail encryption on gives you an additional protection layer and it ensures your e-mail is encrypted end-to-end. Different from, some e-mail providers do not encrypt their connections and this makes it easier for the hackers cut you off and read your e-mails. When you use e-mail encryption, your e-mail remains encrypted via a safe connection; it minimizes the risk that you information is caught or leaked by hackers.