yammer integration

The new Yammer web section is now on your SharePoint intranet site for chatting. Last year, numerous integration were provided on Yammer with SharePoint. For example; when you create a Yammer group, Office 365 Group services are used in order to automatically create SharePoint team site and document library. Besides, on a Yammer post, you can easily find and add folders that are stored on OneDrive and SharePoint. And now, with the new update, a deeper integration is provided.

With the new Yammer web section, you can quickly and easily reach websites and pages with mobile compatible and configuration options that are optimized for different experiences. You can also add a group exists on Yammer to your site or create a new group. This way, you can have up-to-date flow of news and announcements in your enterprise with rich collaboration and exchange of ideas.

While adding Yammer web section from the tool set on your page, you will be able to connect a group that you choose in order to help you activate your mass. To do this;

-Choose maximum 4 message lines by choosing chats that are the most related and your group will be interested the most.

-Or prefer Yammer to choose trending chats with algorithms to introduce you mass continuously.

-Or follow the latest news in your group showing unread chats.

-Activate any worker to join your site and chat with Mobile experience.